Ubiquity Enhances Sprocket Platform with its own Robust Data and Analytics

Ubiquity Enhances Sprocket Platform with its own Robust Data and Analytics
Ubiquity Enhances Sprocket Platform with its own Robust Data and Analytics Engine … The server side application is built upon the industry's highest standards of data warehousing, clustering and security deployment guidelines at a global level.
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Docker goes live with Machine, Swarm and Compose tools for container
It enables the creation of a container host, such as a virtual machine, and the deployment of the Docker Engine inside it, all from a single command, according to Docker. Drivers to support this are already available for numerous platforms, … Docker …
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FalconStor Gets A Huge Dose Of Software Defined Storage Love
FalconStor's approach to this is interesting – here we have a company that already offers a variety of storage related features – clustering, snapshots, replication recovery, deduplication etc. Rather than enabling all of those on an individual basis …
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(part 1) How To: Getting Started with the Lemur and Ableton Live

Remember to watch in HD, the SD resolution is too low to get anything out of the guide. Made this guide on how to set up MIDI and using the JazzEditor with t…
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New Search Engine Marketing Books for Online Marketing Professionals Featuring SEM Tactics Driven by Attitude Change and Communications Theories

(PRWEB) February 26, 2015

Search marketing is a way of attitude change or persuasion toward an intended conversion. Strategic application or infusion of persuasion and communication theories into the elements of paid search is able to give online marketers a significant boost on their campaign performance. However, very few books in todays market approach a paid search solution from the perspective of attitude change driven by communications theories and shed light on the tactics about experiment design to gauge campaign performance between macro and micro levels while scrutinizing and improving marketing budget efficiency. Although with varieties of online marketing reference sources to choose from, many search engine marketers still have to pick up several books just for the basics for each marketing channel, or even a single topic, that they adopt in their marketing campaigns.

To meet the aforementioned needs while driven by critical persuasion theories and application of experiment design, Thincr LLC provides online marketing tactics from solution conceptualization, product positioning and pricing strategies, all the way down to each specific channel of paid search, organic search, social media and email marketing all in just two books. Readers are able to apply and extend what they learned from the books right away without going through lengthy personal tidbits or unnecessary stories that are often brought up in some other books in the market.

Thincr LLC is pleased to announce the release of these two books, Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics and Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing. They are briefly introduced as follows:

Cognitive Search Marketing & Paid Search: Theory, Experiment, Practice and Tactics

Driven by cognitive persuasion theories, this book provides businesses the solutions to achieve their corporate goals by optimizing the technical elements of their pay per click campaigns while facilitating a positive attitude change toward their intended conversions. Key strategies for promotion and product positioning are demonstrated while the tactics to boost sales revenue by leveraging customers’ APV (Average Purchase per Visit) and NCV (Number of Converted Visit) are revealed. This book features and emphasizes critical techniques for persuasive ad copywriting, strategic campaign structuring, keyword generation, landing page optimization, bidding management, conversion tracking, strategic campaign metric interpretation, contextual and behavioral targeting, placement-targeting and geo-targeting. The evaluation of marketing campaign performance based on the cross-exam from both macro-level and micro-level perspectives through an effective experiment design is investigated while the tactics about generating AdSense revenue through strategic ad unit placement and content development are also presented. Furthermore, the studies in this book are going to reveal the secrets about how to extend the practice of strategic PPC in an online job search process to help job seekers land their dream jobs.

Book Link: http://amzn.to/1cqPHhk

Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email Marketing

This book investigates and analyzes the internal and external alignments between business goal and online marketing media. The key studies in this book explore how a business is able to rank competitively on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) through SEO in terms of on-page, off-page, server-side optimization, etc. and how a business is able to facilitate attitude change or persuasion toward its intended conversion through the optimization of technical elements on social media. The strategic implementation of permission-based content email campaign is explored while the configuration and deployment of a customized Facebook Marketing System are emphasized in this book.

Book Link: http://amzn.to/HsrPfG

About the Author

Committed in developing integrated online marketing strategic solutions, Thincr LLC is specialized in providing consultancy in the realms of image reinforcement, branding, persuasion, and attitude change through Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, and Email marketing. Thincr, LLC is dedicated in publishing while providing online marketers efficient and valuable references to excel in their marketing campaigns.


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Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell
Event on 2015-03-08 17:00:00

Rachelle Ferrell is unquestionably one of the most dynamic talents in contemporary pop music. Very few vocal artists in the industry have Ferrells potent combination of range, phrasing, and musicianship. Ferrell first emerged in the states with her R&B debut Rachelle Ferrell (1992), a solid collection of self-penned originals that featured a striking duet with Will Downing (Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This). It was with the release of First Instrument in 1994 (recorded prior to Rachelle Ferrell) that audiences were really introduced to Ferrells jazz sensibilities.Rachelle Ferrell began singing at the age of six, which many speculate contributed to the development of her startling six and change octave range. Her range also includes the ability to sing in the whistle register, as stated in an editorial review in which she references her highest notes in It only took a minute as Minnie Riperton-like wailing. She received classical training in violin at an early age and by the time she was a teen, she was able to play the piano at a professional level. She enrolled in Berklee College of Music in Boston where she honed her musical abilities in arrangement, singing and songwriting.Throughout 1988-1989, Rachelle Ferrell sang backup for Phyllis Hyman. Soon after, Ferrells debut, First Instrument, was released in 1990 in Japan, five years prior to its US release. Recorded with bassist Tyrone Brown, pianist Eddie Green and drummer Doug Nally, an all-star cast of accompanists also leave their mark on her record. They include trumpeter Terence Blanchard, pianists Gil Goldstein and Michel Petrucciani, bassists Kenny Davis and Stanley Clarke, tenor saxophonist Wayne Shorter and keyboardist Pete Levin. Her unique take on now-standards like Sam Cookes You Send Me, Cole Porters What Is This Thing Called Love, and Rodgers & Harts My Funny Valentine, captured the hearts and souls of the Japanese jazz buying public

at Rams Head on Stage
33 West Street
Annapolis, United States

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Veddel StreetZ Faroo & Mc Nator

Veddel StreetzZzZ clip OSMANISCHER GHETTOSOUND NEU Faro, Mc Nator, K-Jay, Spawn 88, Cashmoe, Escoba, Aka Ilo And veddelstreetzzzz baby.

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Tyler Farr

Tyler Farr
Event on 2015-03-13 20:00:00
with Country Swagg
"I wanted to make an album you could take anywhere," says Tyler Farr of his Columbia Nashville debut, "and I can take this one to a barn party on a back road and have everybody rock out, and at the same time kids can enjoy it and dance to it."He pauses and laughs. "And I could play it for my grandma! I wanted everybody to be able to listen to it, and I think we accomplished that."As someone who believes that sharing music is not about fences, Tyler recorded a stylistically rich debut album, true to his roots and influences, yet with a freshness and personality that allow it to stand alone in contemporary country music. The project ranges from power ballads, displaying a voice honed by years of classical training, to edgy tracks influenced by Tyler's relationship with his good friend, country rapper Colt Ford."The album is who I am," he says, "and it is different. It's going to be one of the most diverse albums out there. I spent two years listening to songs, picking those I thought represented me the bestnot just great songs, but the right songs. There are things that will make you cry and some that are pure fun, like 'Hot Mess,' or one I did with Colt called 'Chicks, Trucks, and Beer.' 'Hello Goodbye' is a break-up song, a big ballad, and then there are songs like one I wrote with Craig Wiseman called 'Makes You Wanna Drink' and one called 'Redneck Crazy.' If it's great music," Tyler adds, it isn't about the instrumentation or the style: "You either rock or you don't, and if it rocks, I like it."Bringing the project to fruition was part of a journey that has transformed the young singer's outlook."My life has done a one-eighty in the past few years," he says. "I went from having nothing to being able to make a solid living doing what I love to doto be on the road and on a tour bus year-round."Part of that one-eighty included playing more than 200 dates with Ford."We met and just hit it off," he says, "and I became his road vocalist and opened shows for him. I learned what my crowd is, what they like and what gets them going."While his abilities as a vocalist and showman were serving him well on the road, his knack for songwriting had earned him a publishing deal and helped lead to his recording contract. It was the culmination of a long road to national attention that began in Garden City, Missouri, a farm community a little over an hour from Kansas City."We had 800 people," he says. "We didn't even have a stop light!"He grew up loving the outdoorsat one point he considered a career in wildlife management or as a game warden, but his love for entertainment sprouted early."I would always be running around the house impersonating people, how they talked or how they sang," he says, "and that probably helped me more than anything because I learned how to make my voice do different things."Those skills were in evidence when he joined the middle school choir, then did a solo at a Christmas show."Everybody was talking about how much they liked it," he says. "They told me, 'You need to do this,' and so my mom got me classical voice lessons."He took those lessons in Harrisonville, which was 20 miles away and "had a movie theater and an Applebee'sall your basic necessities!" He kept up the lessons in high school, a choice that Tyler says "was the best thing I could have done. On this album, you'll hear a lot of things that show how those lessons expanded my range and helped me learn to make my voice more expressive."Tyler received several vocal scholarship offers and accepted one at Missouri State University. In the meantime, his mother's remarriage had another huge effect on his life."My mom married DeWayne Phillips, who played lead guitar for George Jones. I was 16, and my first thought was, 'Who's George Jones?' But then I started going on the road with him, and I saw him on the bus and thought, 'Man, what a cool voice. I've never heard anyone talk like this in my life.'"I remember seeing him on stage, and if there's a moment where I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, it was when I was standing on the side of the stage while he sang 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes,' with pictures of Hank Sr. and Lefty Frizzell and Elvis and Vern Gosdin up on the screen behind him. I got goose bumps. I started wearing out country gold from that point on."Phillips recognized Tyler's singing ability and took him to Nashville to record some songs."I was still in high school," he says, "and I sounded like a little Vince Gill. But nothing happened, and at that point you think, 'What are the chances of me being able to do that for a living?'"He sang regularly at small-town Oprys in several states, especially during the summer, as well as at occasional talent contests."I liked great music of all kinds," he says. "Country, R&B, rock, hip-hopeverything, really. When I was younger, Garth Brooks was really hitting it, and Tim McGraw's first albums were out, and I remember listening to that stuff on the way to school. But I was listening to MC Hammer, too. If it made me sing along, I liked it."Once he'd learned to separate his classical techniques from the popular music he enjoyed, Tyler could bring the strength and control of his vocal training to bear on the music he wanted to make.During his senior year in high school, music took on added meaning for Tyler following the death of his grandfather, who had given him his first guitar. "The last thing I remember him saying is, 'Keep singing. I know that's what you're supposed to do.'"I took his passing really hard, and that loss carried over into college," Tyler recalls. It was during this time that he began playing guitar more often and skipping class to write songs. At one point he took part in a talent show called "Big Man on Campus," singing the Rascal Flatts hit, "I Melt.""The whole school was there, and the girls all loved it, and afterwards I was getting phone numbers," he says. "People were saying, 'Man, you should move to Nashville,' and I thought, 'You know, this is alright. I could do this.'"I remember calling my mom and saying, 'I'm gonna move to Nashville.' She wasn't happy about it, but I said, 'I'm sorry, but one day you'll understand.' I literally picked up my stuff that I had in the fraternity house I was living in, threw it in the back of my car, and just took off to Nashville. I came down here with nothing. Mom thought I was crazy, but she and my father drove all the way down and helped me load my stuff and move in."Tyler took a job working the door at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, a magnet for singers and musicians moving to Nashville. At one point, he got on stage to sing and immediately got encouragement from the band."I loved the whole feel of the honky-tonk," he says. "I was like, 'Man, I should've been born here. This is what I should have been doing since I was ten.' I ate it up."He played guitar on and off the job, flipped burgers in the kitchen, worked the door and sang. He took a landscaping job in nearby Franklin, "doing whatever I could to make it. I was broke as all hell, but after I'd sung a few times at Tootsie's, they said, 'We need to get you your own show here. Two months later, I'm playing three or four nights a week, 10:00 'til close."Tyler and his family scraped together all the money they could, and he made a CD that showed off his vocal talents, but taking it to the next level wasn't yet in the cards."I didn't know enough people," he says. "I wasn't in the loop." Discouraged, Tyler recalls waking up one morning and saying, "I'm moving back home."He worked at a children's rehabilitation facility in the Ozarks, singing to the kids at night and staying with an aunt and uncle."I was content, but something was missing," he says, but then the CD he'd made reached songwriter/artist Rhett Akins. "He asked if I was still writing, then said, 'I really like your voice.' He and his writing partners Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip said they wanted to work with me. It turned out they had also heard a song I had done for a GAC outdoor show. It was like God redirecting my life, saying, 'This is what you need to do,' and it happened a week after I decided I was going to go back to school."Akins and his partners recorded some new material with Tyler and began pitching him as an artist. In the meantime, a Sony executive heard him perform at a National Wild Turkey Federation event in Nashville and made an introduction that led to his publishing deal. That, in turn, helped lead to his record deal.Tyler's unique background, from avid small-town outdoorsman to classically trained vocalist, makes him one of the most compelling young singers in contemporary country. His life experiences and outlook have let him enjoy the ride."I've learned not to worry too much or to take life so seriously," he says. "Just have fun because you never know. I was with Luke Bryan and Lee Brice on the bus, and I'm always like, 'C'mon boys, let's get a picture. I don't know how long I'm going to be doin' this.'" It's a perspective that modestly allows Tyler to appreciate every step of his career, as he says, "I do not take one day I get to do this for granted."The combination makes him one of the most accessible artists out there."Every place I go," he says, "I try to do something fun and meet somebody new. I am going to be one of those artists who's in it for the fans. I'm the guy that's gonna come out and drink a beer with you after the show. I don't know how many times I've almost not gotten into my own show because I look like the people who are coming to watch! Which I think is fine. I'm just like my fans, and that's the way I like it."

at F Shed at The Market
2100 Park St.
Syracuse, United States

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Rainbow Rock Band

Rainbow Rock Band
Event on 2015-04-04 10:30:00

Get ready to rock the rainbow! The Rainbow Lady (Kate Moran), joined by some of her friends, Guitarmony Gus (Derek Evry), Sgt. Bam Sam (Sam Carolla), Captain Toe Tappin (Kevin de Souza), Princess Fiddlesticks (Lynn Rovelli), or Bassious Berry (Matt Berry), to make up the rainbow band, will entertain your little ones with a combination of classic and original childrens tunes. These talented tunesters will keep you bopping in your socks until you just cant rock anymore! Always on hand, inside the box of fun, tambourines, shakers and more for your little one to join in the fun, and if they are feeling like completing their rock star appearance, how about a nice little temporary Rainbow tattoo, from none other than Pattycake Patty (Patty Moran) or the lovely Rockin Rox Anna (Anna Goist)!! Are you ready to rock the rainbow?Suggested age range: Infant to 8 yr olds.

at Ebenezers Coffeehouse
201 F Street NE
Washington, United States

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- A Walk With Google Maps

– A Walk With Google Maps

from Exploring Web 2.0

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El paro docente sería casi del 100% en el departamento Concordia

El paro docente sería casi del 100% en el departamento Concordia
Tal como se adelantó, el comienzo del ciclo lectivo 2015 en la provincia de Entre Ríos no fue con normalidad, ya que la totalidad de los gremios docentes -aunque con distinta duración- convocaron a una medida de fuerza desde este mismo lunes.
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Diseño y servicio
Meliá Hotels International inaugurará en marzo el Meliá París La Défense, su sexto hotel en la capital francesa, pero el primero específicamente dedicado a negocios ubicado en uno de los distritos financieros más importantes de Europa.
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Feria Puro Diseño 2015
Los interesados deberán completar el formulario de inscripción en la web www.espaciosantafesino.gob.ar y presentar en las sedes de Rosario y Santa Fe dispuestas a tales fines, entre cuatro y seis muestras de los productos a exhibir y comercializar en …
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How to Remove Infospace.com StartPage from IE, Firefox, Chrome[Removal Guide]

How to Remove Infospace.com StartPage from IE, Firefox, Chrome[Removal Guide]

Thus, you will get various ads and unrelated search results from the infospace.com search engine which works for the browser hijacker owners to get benefits …
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