Dahryn Trivedi on How Stress Leads to Success and Prosperity

Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) July 25, 2013

On July, 23, 2013, Dahryn Trivedi delivered an in-depth discourse on stress during a regularly scheduled, live broadcast of the Master Community Call, provided by Trivedi Master Wellness. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, the founder of the Trivedi Foundation and Trivedi Master Wellness, provided his own insight on the topic, and ended the program with an Energy Transmission.

Dahryn Trivedi is one of the spiritual teachers with the ability to transmit an unknown energy across the globe through their thoughts, and that miraculous energy has the ability to optimize human potential and change the character and behavior of living organisms and nonliving materials, in which the results are called the Trivedi Effect

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Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search

Factual CEO: Machine Learning Could Upend Local Search
You spent a decade in the search industry working at Applied Semantics and then Google after the acquisition. For better or worse, the … People have gotten used to the fact that you don't really need a search engine on mobile. You just go to your …
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InfoWorld's 2015 Technology of the Year Award winners
What sorts of products win an InfoWorld Technology of the Year Award? Everything from the lightest Web development framework to the heaviest rack-mount SAN qualifies — as long as it's great. The Technology of the Year Award winners represent the very …
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CIO And Marketing: BFFs? 2 Quick Wins In SEO
A surprising number of real Web users will even habitually search for “Facebook” or “Facebook login,” rather than type in a URL or use a bookmark. And many users will discover … All this makes it imperative for businesses to focus on search engine …
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You Broadband has published a list of sites blocked

You Broadband has published a list of sites blocked
In what appears to be an unprecedented move by an ISP, You Broadband had apparently published on its website, a list (it says) of websites blocked “pursuant to Regulatory guidelines and interim orders passed by High Courts.” Hat tip: Gautam John.
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Google Helps Italians to Unblock Their Favorite Torrent Site
Last week the Italian authorities moved against the general purpose proxy site proxyitalia.com because it could be used by Italians to access BTjunkie and The Pirate Bay. Their goal was to prevent Italians from secretly accessing these torrent sites …
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The Pirate Bay makes searching for torrents easier on mobile devices
Recommended for you. BTjunkie torrent site shuts down voluntarily Pirate Bay introduces Web browser to elude censorship. Comments. Latest UK Updated 7:17pm. John E Dunn · John McAfee makes new TV appearance to discuss startup life · John E Dunn.
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Sap Hana Online Training

Sap Hana Online Training
Event on 2015-03-29 00:00:00
Definition – What does SAP HANA mean?
SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is an application that uses in-memory database technology that allows the processing of massive amounts of real-time data in a short time. SAP’s architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform

The data stored in RAM can be processed easily due to the in memory computing engine stored in HANA instead of reading the data from the disk and hence quick results can be generated through data analysis by use of this application .By using the SAP HANA application properly, the corporate can get the capability to solve and carry out the difficult calculates in less time and with accuracy and thus HANA was also named as high performance analytic appliance .
HANA's columnar-based data store is ACID compliant and supports industry standards such as structured query language (SQL) and multi-dimensional expressions (MDX).
SAP HANA has a comprehensive feature set which works with extreme speed and that allows you to simultaneously handle real-time transactions and analytic workloads.
SAP HANA is an innovative in-memory data platform that is deployable on-premise as an appliance, in the cloud, or as a combination of the two.SAP HANA database is at the core of this real-time data platform which is fundamentally different than any other database engine in the market today.
• SAP HANA has an encyclopedic feature set that allows you to simultaneously handle real time transactions and analytical workloads with extreme speed.
• The HANA application can be used to transform analytics, a text analysis and customer’s transaction by using it’s in memory engine and this makes the HANA module unique.
• . HANA's architecture is designed to handle both high transaction rates and complex query processing on the same platform.
• It is an innovative and uprising platform that’s best suited for performing real-time analytics, and promoting and expanding real-time applications.
Techopedia explains SAP HANA as:
SAP HANA is designed to process structured data from relational databases, for SAP modules and other modules also which are non-SAP, and applications and other systems rapidly.

Features of SAP HANA:
1. Data Center: SAP HANA stores a table in the column store as a sequence of columns in contiguous memory locations. Due to the storage organization, the structural locality of the column in table increases. If the functions are piled up , that time HANA data center allows the CPU execution to speed up to perform full scanning of table column . Their is no longer need to wait for memory address operations as the data is being accessed continuously by the CPU.
2. In addition to that, the data compression rates are also increasing due to columnar table storage . This is because the ordered table columns contain the same value in many rows and so they can be compressed celestially, if they are stored in adjoining memory locations.
3. The feature that excels SAP HANA compared to other applications is that fast results are provided, and SAP is delivering solutions that no other vendor can match.
4. Only SAP HANA is well suited for almost all applications, including Geo-spatial Visualization apps (from start-up Space-Time Insight) , Smart Meter Analytics , and SAP precision retailing .
5. SAP HANA has the capability of R integration and also power of its in-database predictive algorithms; because of which SAP HANA can perform predictive and text analysis on large volumes of data in real-time.
6. HANA has the potency to solve unstructured data with its text search/analysis capabilities.
7. The users can test and inspect all transactional and analytical data in real time from virtually any data source by using the in-memory technology of HANA
8. It is capable of using three styles of data replication depending on the source of the data – log-based, ETL-based and trigger-based. The applications that use HANA can access the data quickly / accurately because the relocated structured data is stored directly in memory.
9. The Administration editor provides detailed information about current alerts, system performance, resource usage, system configuration, including tools for inspecting and troubleshooting issues in your system.
Role of SAP HANA in the field of real-time analytics.
• Analyzing and development of telecommunications network.
• Supply chain and retail optimization.
• Helps in detecting the fraud and used for security reasons.
• Calculating profit gain ad reporting.
• Monitoring the use of energy and optimization of the same.
Market Value for SAP HANA / Analytics and Applications:
• SAP HANA is well-suited , whenever companies have to go deep within their data sets to ask complex and interactive questions, and have to go broad (which means working with enormous data sets that are of different types and from different sources) at the same time.
USING SAP HANA – Workstep:


SAP HANA is a next-generation database platform for real-time analytics and applications.
In its first 2 years: 2,100 customers across 25 verticals; 1,000 cloud implementations ; Supports 69 solutions, including SAP Business Suite ; Eliminates storage latency ; Tested at scale to 10,000 cores and 250 TB DRAM.

at plot no 402,jaihind Enclave,nukala residency,madhapur
plot no 402,jaihind Enclave,nukala residency,madhapur
Hyderābād, India

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Fort Lauderdale’s Leading Sliding Door Repair Company, Express Glass Announces New Reviews on the Google+ Network

Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) March 27, 2015

Express Glass Repair and Board Up Services (http://www.expressglassfl.com/), a top Fort Lauderdale sliding door repair company, is proud to announce new reviews of its services on the popular Google+ service.

We are so humbled to receive reviews from satisfied customers, commented Yani Santos, general manager of Express Glass. Recently, our Fort Lauderdale sliding door business has greatly expanded, and the flurry of new reviews is positive proof that we are working towards being the best glass service in South Florida.

To visit the company’s popular Google+ page, please visit https://plus.google.com/117547181416928531272/ and click on the ‘About’ tab. To learn more about the company’s Fort Lauderdale services, one can directly visit http://www.expressglassfl.com/fort-lauderdale-glass-window-repair/.

Reviews on Social Media and Their Importance

In today’s hotly contested business and residential service market, more and more consumers are turning to Internet review websites. A service such as glass repair, for example, is not a service that one uses on a continual basis. Instead, however, the use of glass repair services for customers in the Fort Lauderdale area is episodic. A small business, for example, may go for months or even years, without needing a glass repair service. Similarly, a residential customer may go also for months or years.

However, when a glass window or glass door is broken, the need to have it repaired is nearly immediate. The busy business owner, or residential customer, will quickly turn to Google searches or other ways of using the Internet to hopefully identify the best glass repair service in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding cities. Customers more and more turn to review websites such as Google plus or Yelp in order to identify those companies that have the happiest customers.

The fact that Express Glass has more and more reviews is positive proof that consumers are preferring it to its competitors as the top rated glass repair service for the Fort Lauderdale area. Among its most popular services are sliding glass door repair, and the repair of all types of sliding doors that include at least one glass component. Interested parties are urged to contact the company directly for a no cost, no obligation estimate of the repair or replacement needs.

About Express Glass Repair and Board Up

Express Glass and Board Up Service Inc. is a family owned and operated glass repair business with more than 20 years of experience. Their professional technicians and the large variety of inventory make Express Glass the top glass repair service. If customers are looking for Miami glass repair or West Palm Beach glass repair as well as glass repair in Delray Beach or West Palm Beach glass repair, please reach out to the company for a free estimate. If customers need a 24/7 Sliding Glass Door repair service in West Palm Beach or Boca Raton or Miramar, technicians are standing by. The company specializes in sliding glass door repair and window glass repair; technicians will handle any glass replacement situation efficiently. Home or business glass repair is the company’s main priority.

Express Glass Repair and Board up


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Bestselling Thriller about the Rise of Extremism Makes U.S. Debut with Le French Book

New York, New York (PRWEB) March 25, 2015

Ritual murders. Ancient enemies. A powerful secret.

Eric Giacometti and Jacques Ravenne ranked at the top of France’s best-selling thriller writers list in 2014. They owe their international renown to their series about the Freemason Inspector Antoine Marcas, which is making its U.S. debut on March 25 with Shadow Ritual.

Two slayingsone in Rome and one in Jerusalemrekindle an ancient rivalry between modern-day secret societies for knowledge lost at the fall of the Third Reich. Inspector Antoine Marcas unwillingly teams up with the strong-willed Jade Zewinski to chase Neo-Nazi assassins across Europe. They must unravel an arcane Freemason mystery, sparked by information from newly revealed KGB files.

The novel is inspired from the true story of mysterious Freemason files thought to hold a terrible secret, stolen by the SS in 1940, recovered by the Red Army in 1945 and returned half a century later. Co-author Jacques Ravenne recalls “the first time I encountered those mythic archives: cardboard boxes labeled on one side with gothic letters and the other with Cyrillic. I just stared at an eighteenth-century manuscript with a square and compass signed by Benjamin Franklin, and dreamed about the secrets that could be found in the hundreds of boxes. Eric and I looked at each other, and we knew we had the start of our story.”

Get exclusive content about Freemason facts and fiction. The authors share their research and inside information. Click here.


Phenomenal. I highly recommend this novel! Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling coauthor of the famed Pendergast series of novel

“European bestsellers Giacometti and Ravenne make their U.S. debut with this intrigue-filled thriller…those into Freemason lore and Nazi myths will be satisfied.” Publishers Weekly

A superbly esoteric blend of history and adventure. Glenn Cooper, internationally bestselling thriller writer

“Giacometti and Ravenne’s series kickoff has abundant visceral appeal.” Kirkus Reviews

The authors

ERIC GIACOMETTI studied biochemistry and genetics in Toulouse, France, before going into journalism. Then, at the height of his career as an investigative reporter, Eric Giacometti was contaminated by the thriller virus. His life took on another dimension: journalist by day, writer by night. In 2013, he left his full-time reporting job with a French daily newspaper to work freelance and write. He teaches journalism and writing.

JACQUES RAVENNE is a high-level French Freemason. He is also a literary critic, known for his work on the writers Paul Val

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Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Week, Be A

Google Clarifies The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Week, Be A
(3) The fastest way to see if your web pages are mobile-friendly is to see if you have the mobile-friendly label in the live mobile search results now. If not, check the mobile-friendly testing tool, which should match the live Google search results …
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Digital Marketing: Google — search engine for truth?
In the most recent example, Google released a white paper that explored changing the criteria it uses to rank websites to include Google's assessment of the accuracy of the content. Based on the sudden spate of articles on the topic, it's obvious this …
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Optimization On The Content Battleground: Human + Machine Learning
Search engine optimization represents a battle for content visibility – one brand's loss is another's gain. Among the obstacles that stand in the way of claiming a larger share of search visibility, I would argue that the main ones have to do with the …
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9th Annual Spring Tea Fundraiser Presented byThe Sterling Heights Lionesses

9th Annual Spring Tea Fundraiser Presented byThe Sterling Heights Lionesses
Event on 2015-05-03 12:00:00
May 3rd – 12pm-4pm Our 9th Annual Tea Fundraiser “Mexican Fiesta with American Fare” The proceeds from this event will go to local charities.

For your Donation, you will receive an amazing menu of food including:

Beef Burritos,
Spanish Rice,
Refried Beans,
Nacho Bar,
Roasted Chicken,
Kernel Corn,
Tossed Salad,
Bread & Butter, …
Dessert and of course many different teas to choose from.

Teas donated by Seniors Helping Seniors

Also we will have many vendors-

Pampered Chef
Tastefully Simple
Jamberry Nails

Entertainment by Maria Sidas www.raciesmorencas.com
Mexican Folklor

Chinese Auction for some really awesome prizes-
Some of the Prizes for May 3rd's 9th Annual Tea Fundraiser…. Carpathia Club to benefit the Sterling Heights Lioness Club Tickets are Donation and include Lunch and Entertainment and Vendors and more. Here are just some of the raffle prizes we have received..
2 MJR Tickets
GC to Krogers
Gift Certificate to Long Horn Steak house
5 Group Dance Lessons from Argentine Tango
2 Tiger Tickets
Miami Tan GC
Remote Car Starter
GC to Meijers
Polariod Digital Camcorder with photo ablums
Mikasa Glass Vase
2 Handmade Throw Pillows
4 Cyrsstal Lead Stemware
1 Hour Lifestyle Family Session with 20 Digital Images from MeliaBelle Photography
ATI Jewelry GC
Wine Tasting for 4 from Filipa Winery
GC Crews Inn
GC Detroit Princes
4 Admissions to the Cranbrook Science Museum
And much much more….

at Venetian Club
38000 Utica Rd
Sterling Heights, United States

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Latex Dance Pants

Latex Dance Pants . . . . . . . Shopwiki | Dance pants penis latex black www.shopwiki.co.uk/l/dance-pants-penis-latex-black Shopwiki Results for DANCE PANTS PENIS LATEX BLACK. Featured …
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Jeremy Lin – A Day in the Life: All-Star Break

Hope you guys had a Happy Chinese New Year! Hopefully the stories in this video encourage us to not jump to conclusions about individuals going through a time of homelessness, but to graciously…

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