​Microsoft's 2016 predictions: Expect the year of machine-aided wit

​Microsoft's 2016 predictions: Expect the year of machine-aided wit
Microsoft is betting big on AI with initiatives such as Project Oxford, Cortana and its AI chatbot Xiaoice. So it's little surprise to see that the Redmond company's researchers think 2016 will be a turning point for the technology that sets the stage …
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Unilazer-backed Niki.ai is an AI-based chatbot that simplifies your cab
There are multiple artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbots and personal assistants today that help people improve productivity and manage their time better. With a variety of e-commerce platforms and their respective mobile apps, it can become …
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In little lives and 'Seven Killings,' I'm thankful for the way these books
She can't see the point of being in the world when everyone she speaks to, including a chatbot modeled drawn from Bradford's diary, feels like a pale substitute for the communion she experienced with her babybot. In the climax of the book, her …
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