4 Problems to Fix for $3000 or Less to Boost Your Home's Sales Price

4 Problems to Fix for 00 or Less to Boost Your Home's Sales Price
"There are certain cosmetic changes you can do where putting in a little over $ 1,000 will probably get you $ 5,000 back in terms of a higher sales price," says Mia Simon of real-estate brokerage Redfin, which recently analyzed how budget-conscious …
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Xome launches new online home buying site in Zillow and Redfin's backyard
Xome is launching a brand new twist today on house hunting. In addition to searching for a house online, it lets consumers buy one online, too. In return for using the platform, customers will be offered a minimum of 1 percent back on their purchase or …
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A Silicon Valley exodus? Redfin analysis finds Bay Area residents are
redfin-analyssi-screenshot_7722 Redfin, the Seattle-based real estate brokerage which operates in the Bay Area, just concluded a fascinating analysis of home search behavior on its site. The results are startling, and they speak to a possible trend …
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