40 Day Intensive Survival Instructor Course

40 Day Intensive Survival Instructor Course
Event on 2015-11-01 07:00:00

This is the most intense and long term wilderness survival training that SIGMA 3 currently offers. This is the best way to take all our classes at once and become a certified in-house wilderness survival  instructor for SIGMA 3. You will learn everything you need to know for short term and long term survival. The entire standard program all in one setting and a whole bunch more! This program is only offered at our Arkansas Headquarters and this course will use coyote mentoring much more than any of our other programs. Skills will be worked in much greater depth and we devote many hours to the mastery of individual skills.

In this program you will start with the survival priorities and then build on them to increase your comfort in the wilderness. SIGMA 3 doesn't teach you how to get out of the woods, we teach you how to live in them. There isn't one ounce of rescue training in these courses, because we are teaching you how to disappear into the landscape and survive indefinitely. You will have no need of rescue, because after our training you will call the wilderness your home. Shelter, water, fire, food, tools, medical, bow making, & navigation. You will learn all these skill sets with primitive as well as modern methods. SIGMA 3 specializes in not only surviving, but we take our students knowledge level to such a high degree that you will be very comfortable anywhere you travel in the world. Knowledge weighs nothing and we are going to throw everything we possibly can at you, so be prepared!  If you think you would prefer to learn these skills intensively and all in one blast, then this is the program for you! Please contact us for details on pricing and scheduling.Logistics and Equipment

Length: You will spend 40 days straight in the woods and this is the most intense way to experience our training. You will sleep in the shelters you create all month and be completely immersed into real world survival training. This extra time and difficulty will allow you to get tremendous amounts of dirt time and really hone your skills extremely fast! Upon graduation of this course, you will receive a SIGMA 3 Instructor Certification which will make you eligible in the future to teach certain courses for us in your neck of the woods. But you must pass the tests and reproduce the skill sets to graduate. So come prepared to work!

 Items needed: Medium sized ruck sack, good rain gear,  proper outdoor clothing, boots, good survival knife, hatchet, folding saw, paracord, poncho, water filter, stainless steel canteen, ferro rod, peterson's field guide to wild edibles, petersons field guide to medicinal plants, sleeping bag, and food. Other items may be useful, contact us if you have questions about gear. Note: Please do not show up with a piece of junk knife!

*There are numerous stores where outdoors products can be purchases within a short drive, but it is better to check the recommended items list and show up with those items first. Academy, Walmart, and numerous other retail stores are close by if you forget something or break any equipment. There are several grocery stores within a 10 minute drive of our property, so you will be able to purchase whatever groceries you need on site. Transportation can be provided upon request.

You can bring whatever you like to our primitive camp, as we have a 4 wheeler to transport anything you need. We will only limit what you can have at your camp during certification scenarios which will require you to ditch your gear for those portions of the course.

Location: The course will be held on our large headquarters property here in western Arkansas. You will stay the whole month in our survival village and stay in our primitive shelters. Its a requirement of graduation that you sleep the whole month primitively. In Arkansas, we have an extreme bug problem at the camp during certain seasons. Ticks, chiggers, and mosquito are in great abundance. So you should treat your clothing with permethrine (more info on recommended items list). Very bad weather is common, cold wet conditions can be the norm. We have 7 ponds and a good sized creek. 400 acres total for main camp area, and access to another 1000 acres. Also we may travel into the national forest on occasion if necessary. This is intense, be prepared!

Food and water: You will provide your own food. Water will be provided via large water totes to our primitive camp.  We also have a large onsite filter (jerry can), or you can filter your own water from local sources. Walmart is within 10 mins and several other stores within short driving distance. If you don't plan on bringing your vehicle to the course (which is recommended), then you can usually hitch a ride with other students. In some portions of the course we will procure our food from the land, but in other sections you will need to provide your own food. You can literally bring anything you want to eat, as we can tote coolers back and forth. We don't begrudge a man eating good while in the wilderness. Other bring freeze dried food or MRE's are usually top choices. But since most of our students fly then that isn't an option for those that fly, so if you fly in then just plan on getting your food at the local wal-mart.

Bow making and Hunting: We will be making our own custom longbows from scratch and you will need to purchase a stave or several if you choose. You can build as many as you like in your down time. Hickory Staves and Osage Orange 0. You will use these bows to hunt game during the various food procurement phases of the class. You should bring camo clothing with you if you have it. Be prepared to go trekking!

Licenses: The class will have a considerable amount of hunting and fishing in it and you will be required to purchase an Arkansas state hunting and fishing license. I would advise you to not get your license until you get here. They can be bought at numerous local stores. And you don't need the annual license. Call for more details if you have questions. Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Website

Spring vs. Winter Course- The spring course will focus primarily on fishing and wild plants skills, while the winter course will focus more heavily on hunting. Both courses are excellent, but different season emphasize different skills. If you take the winter course, plan on hunting with your custom longbow you make. And if you take the spring course then plan to spend a lot of time in and around the water. Either way, we will be living off the land in unique locations.

Weapons: If you have a favorite hunting rifle or concealed carry weapon that you would like to bring. Its welcome at our camp!

  What To Expect?

Schedule: Itinerary will vary according to many different conditions, but you will learn the survival standard program and then some. Everything you need to know to survive comfortably with limited equipment in the harshest of conditions. You will occasionally get a day off to shower, and do things that you need to do in town. At least one day a week will be for nothing but rest and recuperation from the intense training. Except during testing phases!

Business Details: After graduation of this course you will be a level 1 SIGMA 3 Instructor and this will enable you to teach weekend classes in your local area. The purpose of this program is to create training centers with SIGMA instructors all over the world and we already have several international graduates. The goal is to make survival training, much like nation wide martial arts dojos. We want a training center in every state so you have a local resource to hone your skills to a razors edge. SIGMA 3 is kicking off a self reliance revolution and we are enlisting you to our ranks to spread all over the world. If you have been looking for family and brotherhood, then you found your home in our team of experts.

SIGMA 3 will market you and help you promote classes through our website, youtube channel, and other social media outlets. We have the most recognized survival school website on google search engines over the widest range of keywords which enables us to have massive web exposure. The profit split is heavily in your favor and you can easily pay for the cost of this course by hosting a few courses of your own locally! If your interested in more details about the programs potential future profits, then Contact Us.

Fringe Benefits: Your not only becoming a wilderness expert by the graduation of the this course, but you will be joining a brotherhood of survival instructors from all over the world. We already have international graduates and SIGMA 3 is spreading all over the world extremely quickly. This program gives you special privileges within our organization and you will have access to resources not available to our regular customers. All future SIGMA 3 courses are extremely discounted, at cost, or downright free. After the graduation of this course you will not only be a team member but apart of a family of world class instructors!

Graduation Requirements: You will have to successfully complete all aspects of the course curriculum and reproduce these skills under harsh conditions. In order to graduate you have to meet the requirements of each course. After graduation you will have to attend a course every 2 years to get your status up to date.training events to re-certify your skills or you can mail in video of these skills tests. You will also be required to complete a phase two homework assignment before each type of course you decide to teach.Timeline

Schedule: Itinerary will vary according to many different conditions, but you will learn the survival standard program and a ton more than is covered in any course we offer. This course requires mastery of the skills and you will be pushed to succeed. We will teach you everything you need to know to survive comfortably with limited equipment in the harshest of conditions. You will occasionally get a day off to shower, and do things that you need to do in town. At least one day a week will be for nothing but rest and recuperation from the intense training. Except during testing phases!


Week 1/Survival Standard Cirricullum w/ added techniques and variations

Week 2/Advanced Survival Standard Cirricullum / added techniques and variations

Week 3/ Wild Plants, Advanced Primitive Skills, and Bow Making

Week 4/ (Survival Week) Scout Survival and Knife Only Survival

Week 5/SERE, Advanced Bushcraft, Long Term Survival, Hunting or fishing trips, BBQ and Graduations

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Instructor: Robert Allen, Josh Hamlin, Clint Jivoin


-There is no refund for this course. You are locking in your spot either through down payment or payment in full. But once you register, its final. Your credit is good for up to 3 years if you should decide to cancel and that credit can be applied to any other course we offer. This policy is to discourage last minute cancellations.

at Sigma 3 Survival School – Huntington
3000 Dorothy Allen Way
Huntington, United States

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