Alcove Members – Tues. Alchemy Teleclass

Alcove Members – Tues. Alchemy Teleclass
Event on 2015-04-14 14:00:00
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Alchemy is a joyful way to question yourself into the power of Now!


Come and learn to apply the seven powerful questions of The Alchemy of Love and Joy(TM) to shift your state, changing your perspective, experience, feeling, your behaviour–and your outcome.


  • Free yourself from the inner critic
  • Learn a Two-Minute Technique to Inner Peace
  • Discover the Five Powers you were born with and learn how to use them
  • Practice with yourself and/or a partner


You can spectate and witness human transformation, or if you like you may get an opportunity to experience the relief, release, and realizations yourself. This is not an introductory event; we get right into doing the practice and Cindy may cover some basics as we go.

Bringing Light to Unconsciousness

Whether your pain is caused by your life not going the way you want it to, or whether you are plagued by thought demons in the mind, Cindy can help you break free. Through direct, tangible understanding of the natures of thought, feeling, and your self, and using the five powers everyone has, she shows people how to be happy and at peace without controlling thoughts or healing the past.

Practical and Spiritual

Cindy calls the simple but powerful practice that anyone can do, “The Alchemy of Love and Joy.” It has been described as a cross between Byron Katie’s “The Work,” and Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now,” and Mooji’s satsang. Beyond transforming worldly lives, for those with deeper questions, she points out the false so it can fall away, and points to That which is eternal, and not of the world, thus bridging heaven and earth.


About the Author/Speaker

CINDY TEEVENS is an award-winning international inner peace and happiness facilitator, exceptional and unique in helping people shift their state and perspective, transforming their lives, from the inside out.


Six years after the suicide of her father, in one moment her own intense suffering was swapped for amazing joy, altering her life permanently. Happiness and peace became her predominant states. Laughter exploded at the simplicity and power of it, and tears of gratitude flowed.

Understandings began to come about how we have been living backwards, how we have mistaken the outside for the inside, and how we have tethered ourselves to the uncontrollable winds of change in the midst of freedom—and how we can return to truth, sanity, and peace.

She dropped everything she was doing to show people how to feel good no matter what because when you shift your state, problems dissolve, villains become victims, and compassion kicks in. So much gratitude came with this revelation, she now helps people awaken love and joy in their lives. There is no shadow dark enough to keep her from walking through it with you.

Months after discovering joy, one day in the woods she was knocked to her knees by an explosion of love that was followed by the end of time and space, self and other, and when she looked up at the trees, she saw them as herself, as everything is. Uncontrollable laughter belted out from the belly of being, tickling every cell in her body as it lay in the snow, laughing and crying at the simplicity and unbounded joy of it all.

Forty years of self baggage suddenly fell away.  She could not speak for a while, and the thinker and speaker she thought she was, was gone. Yet the Self remained. Cindy is writing about that “direct seeing” of Self in a third book she is working on.

Cindy’s Background

Cindy is suicide awareness and intervention trained (ASIST), trained in Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), practices Zen, and embraces self-inquiry. She loves the woods and waters.

Cindy works with:

  • Healing from Hurt, Trauma, Abuse
  • Dating and Relationships, Divorce/Separation
  • Betrayal, Resentment, Conflict, Anger
  • Physical Pain, Terminal Illness, Death
  • Abandonment, Grief, Shame, Guilt, Low Self-Esteem, Fear
  • Spiritual Seeking


 Join us via phone or skype, from the comfort of your own home.

You can learn more about Cindy here:

at Postal code K2L 4H1, Canada

Kanata, Canada

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