Are robot cars running red lights?

Are robot cars running red lights?
Hi! I thought I's start this post with a friendly greeting. I thought that because I'm concerned that you will grumble if I say 'robots' one more time. But I need to. So “Hi!” And “Robots.” To you late adopters of the TolesBlog reading habit, let me …
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Researchers Unveil An Android-Powered Humanoid Robot Resembling Sarah
(Photo : IBT) Researchers have unveiled a life-like humanoid robot that bears a scary resemblance to former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The robot, named YangYang was unveiled at the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2015 in Beijing, China.
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Even Small Businesses Are Jumping on the Robot Bandwagon
Robots aren't just for corporate Goliaths — now even the little guy on Main Street is adopting them. The goal: to boost sales and productivity. But at what cost? Take Sam Kraus, a Hungarian immigrant who founded what became Skyline Windows in 1921.

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