Austin July 22

Austin July 22
Event on 2015-07-22 07:30:00
Program Description: This comprehensive seminar covers the increasingly related topics of private/public/hybrid cloud architecture, security/compliance and storage/backup, plus a Windows 10 Preview/Demo. There are Google and Microsoft keynotes, along with expert speakers from Dell, Pure Storage, Varonis, Kaspersky, Tanium, Avnet and Network Instruments – scroll down to see the agenda – who deliver concise, technical, educational and complementary talks. Content is pre-approved by Angelbeat and past attendees to maximize learning; click here to download presentation guidelines that are followed by all speakers. Click here to read NY Times article on Kaspersky uncovering 0 million stolen from banks by hackers. The Crowne Plaza is conveniently located at the intersection of 290 and 35. As one Walmart attendee states, "Of all the seminars I attend, your format is by far the best. Brief informative talks from vendors, followed by one-on-one time at their booth to find out more. I am out of the office for less than a day yet I have access to all the different solutions. This year I will follow up with two vendors." As another IT Director commented, "Thanks for hosting a very informative meeting with vendors that tied in well; it was an integrated picture of technologies that work together to create a complete infrastructure solution for the workplace." Every attendee receives meals including a full hot lunch (click here to see the delicious menu), complimentary self-parking and Wi-Fi, free 6-month subscription to Kaspersky anti-virus retail software, plus 4 CPE credit hours towards your CISSP or other certification. There are drawings for a tablet, gift cards and other prizes at the end. Given recent security breaches, you definitely want to attend and learn how to protect your confidential data, stored onsite or in the cloud, accessed via wired or wireless network, from any device, against the latest threats. 7:30 – 8:40: Registration, Breakfast, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demonstrations 8:40 – 9:00: Stopping Insider Threats, Attacks and Hacks with Varonis The recent spate of highly publicized breaches has drawn attention to the most challenging issue that keeps security professionals up at night – once an attacker is “inside” the network, their activities are often difficult to spot and recover from. This is true of outside attackers that compromise the credentials and systems of employees, as well as employees that are "breaking bad" or unwittingly exposing sensitive files. 9:00 – 9:20: Top Five Tips for Educating Employees about Cybersecurity with Kaspersky Corporate cybercrime is usually blamed on outsiders, but sometimes employees can represent the biggest threat to your organization’s IT security. In his presentation, Kaspersky’s Mark Villinski will provide practical advice for educating your employees about cybersecurity, covering topics including: – How to create efficient and effective security policies – Overview and statistics of the current threat landscape – The importance of keeping your employees updated about the latest threats and scams – Security solutions that can help keep your systems updated and protected Kaspersky is the world's largest privately held, and among the top four security vendors, operating in 200 countries and protecting 400 million users. 9:20 – 9:40: Real-Time Endpoint Security, Management and Control with Tanium Tanium gives organizations of all sizes the unique power to secure, control and manage millions of endpoints across the enterprise within seconds. Serving as the “central nervous system” for enterprises, Tanium empowers security and IT operations teams to ask questions about the state of every endpoint across the enterprise in plain English, retrieve data on their current state and execute change as necessary, all within seconds. With the unprecedented speed, scale and simplicity of Tanium, organizations now have complete and accurate information on the state of endpoints at all times to more effectively protect against modern day threats and realize new levels of cost efficiency in IT operations. 9:40 – 10:00 Flash Primary Storage with Pure Flash storage has revolutionized everything from smart phones and mobile computers, to web searches and social media. Unfortunately, its been nearly impossible to deploy flash across a data center without breaking the bank. Pure Storage has cracked the code and destroyed the disk status quo, which is facing performance limitations due to physical constraints on spindle speeds. All-flash storage from Pure is now affordable enough to use broadly across any enterprise. Organizations of all sizes can enjoy the performance, space and efficiency advantages of flash plus lower maintenance, power, cooling, rack space and management costs. No more wondering how much data you can analyze, how fast you can respond to a customer, or how quickly you can launch a new service. It’s time to unlock the productivity and creativity of your company while delivering a responsive experience to both customers and employees. 10:00- 10:20: Dell Backup/DR/Data Protection for Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms with ARC Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity is vitally important in today's always-on world. But when data can be at rest, in use or in motion – and stored on physical, virtual and/or private/public/hybrid clouds – a cost-effective and manageable solution can be very challenging. Dell and its partner ARC will discuss how organizations of all sizes can meet this challenge, through its broad portfolio of scalable solutions that protect data and deliver rapid recoverability across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Its automated processes for validating and verifying the integrity of data helps ensure the success of every recovery. They will also cover: – Trends in data protection/DR/backup and how cloud, offsite hosting, big data, security/compliance requirements and an increasingly mobile workforce affects business continuity plans – The value of a common data protection/DR/backup platform that seamlessly and consistently covers legacy physical servers plus data stored on virtual/cloud platforms 10:20 – 10:40: Avnet: Reality of a Hybrid Cloud The journey of Cloud as an industry is fluid and ever growing. While today’s hybrid clouds and Software Defined Data Centers (SDDCs) are the result of years of development, the cloud is far from reaching the end of its advancement possibilities. The path to hybrid delivery is a journey based on an organization’s objectives, maturity, risk profile and other factors. Each customer's journey will have an entry point or "on-ramp" use case. This journey may or may not be linear (i.e. traditional to private to public) but move back and forth between the various deployment models as business needs dictate. Avnet, a key strategic partner of HP and other technology leaders, will discuss key use cases that can be an entry point/on-ramp or later stage use case for cloud, including: – Standardize/Consolidate/Virtualize/Automate (preparing your own on-premise environment) – Cloud Build (creating self-service infrastructure in a private cloud environment) – Development & Test Cloud – Application Transformation – Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications Coffee/Refreshment Break, Product Demonstrations, Exhibit Area Open, Peer Interaction 11:20 – 11:40: ROI of Performance Management with Network Instruments Network downtime and delay can cause companies to lose billions of dollars every year. According to an Aberdeen Group Report, the average downtime cost per hour in 2012 was over 0,000. Application challenges wreak havoc with their complex and highly distributed nature. When something goes wrong, it is often difficult and time-consuming to find the root of the problem. Technologies like cloud and virtualization can compound these issues by reducing visibility even further, making it critical for companies to take a proactive role in their network monitoring solutions. In this session, you'll learn monitoring strategies for a variety of technologies, how to utilize reports and views associated with Performance Management solutions, troubleshooting workflows and perhaps most importantly, building an irrefutable business case for better Performance Management in your organization. 11:40 – 12:20 Microsoft: Azure Cloud Overview using Windows 10 Microsoft's technology evangelist Yung Chou will discuss the Azure platform and its widespread deployment across private, public and hybrid cloud architectures. This presentation will be made using Windows 10, the latest desktop/operating system upgrade available from Microsoft on July 29 that has gotten very positive reviews. Attendees will have a chance to see it first-hand and listen to Yung's personal insights on its many new features/capabilities. Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Here are its five top features: – Always On: 99.95% monthly SLA enables you to build and run highly available applications without focusing on the infrastructure. – Open: Use any language, framework, or tool to build applications. Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. The Windows Azure client libraries are available for multiple programming languages, and are released under an open source license. – Unlimited Servers and Storage: Easily scale your applications to any size. It is a fully automated self-service platform that allows you to provision resources within minutes. Elastically grow or shrink your resource usage based on your needs. You only pay for the resources your application uses. Windows Azure is available in multiple datacenters around the world. – Powerful Capabilities: Azure is a flexible cloud platform that can satisfy any application need. It enables you to reliably host and scale out your application code within compute roles. You can store data using relational SQL databases, NoSQL table stores, and unstructured blob stores, and optionally use Hadoop and business intelligence services to data-mine it. – Security, Identity and Access Management: Azure Active Directory delivers an enterprise ready cloud identity service enabling a single sign-on experience across cloud and on-premises applications. It allows multi-factor authentication for added security and compliance. Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It provides a seamless and consistent user experience across desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. The start menu/button is back, with space to pin your favorite app. Updates are delivered automatically, so no more worries if your O/S has the latest security update. Cortana is integrated within Windows 10, offering seamless voice-to-text and voice command functionality. Microsoft Edge, the browser replacement/upgrade for Internet Explorer, is similarly built within Windows 10, offering greater security, flexibility and user satisfaction. Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 or 8 users. From a mobility viewpoint, applications written for Apple iOS or Google Android can run on Windows 10-powered smartphones with virtually no modifications. Full Hot Lunch (click here to see the delicious menu), Exhibit Area Open, Peer Networking, Product Demonstrations 1:20 – 2:00 Google Cloud Platform: The Google Cloud Platform enables organizations of all sizes to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly-scalable and reliable infrastructure, choosing from computing, storage and/or application services for your web, mobile and/or backend solutions.Zach Jordan, one of Google's top enterprise strategist, will discuss how and why to use this innovative platform, covering the following items: Run on Google’s infrastructure: Build on the same infrastructure that allows Google to return billions of search results in milliseconds, serve 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provide storage for 425 million Gmail users. Mix and match services: Virtual machines. Managed platform. Blob storage. Block storage. NoSQL datastore. MySQL database. Big Data analytics. Google Cloud Platform has all the services your application architecture needs. Performance you can count on: Every millisecond of latency matters. Google’s compute infrastructure gives you consistent CPU, memory and disk performance; its network and edge cache serve responses rapidly to your users across the world. Focus on your product: Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate your applications without worrying about system administration. Google manages your application, database and storage servers so you don’t have to. Scale to millions of users: Applications hosted on Cloud Platform can automatically scale up to handle the most demanding Internet-scale workloads and scale down when traffic subsides. You pay only for what you use. Get the support you need: With our worldwide community of users, partner ecosystem and premium support packages, Google provides a full range of resources to help you get started and grow. End of Event, Raffle Prize Drawings for Gift Cards and other great items! FAQs What are Angelbeat's privacy and optin/optout policies Each attendee acknowledges/understands that financial support from Angelbeat sponsors allows him/her to attend this event at no cost, and that the sponsors will be given your contact information 2 days after the event for follow-up email and telephone communications. All sponsors are required to provide you with an opt-out option, allowing you to be removed from their database. However each attendee can opt-out of sponsor follow-up by informing Angelbeat staff at the event, or by emailing Angelbeat immediately after the event, but before Angelbeat releases the attendee list to the event sponsors. If you have any questions regarding Angelbeat's privacy policies and how your contact information is used, please contact CEO Ron Gerber directly at 516-277-2057 or at Who is eligible to receive a free pass There is no charge to attend for an end user IT professional who works in the telecom/IT/networking/security/data center/desktop/purchasing departments of corporations (private and publicly-held, large and small), universities, school districts, government agencies, hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, banks, financial services firms, insurers, real estate/construction/property management, insurance/brokerage agencies, pharmaceutical companies, law/accounting/consulting firms, trucking/transportation/logistic firms, etc. and use, support, purchase and/or are involved in or influence the purchase of products and services offered by our sponsors. Systems integrators and consultants who attend with or are representing their enterprise clients are also eligible to receive a free pass. Full-time reporters from major newspapers, websites, television and radio stations can also attend as our guest. If you are a government employee and have limitations/restrictions on your ability to attend free events, then please contact the Angelbeat team by clicking below. For instance, some individuals simply reimburse Angelbeat for the cost of the meals, to avoid any perception of conflict-of-interest. As a general policy Angelbeat does not offer free passes to individuals at companies that are looking to sell their products/services to the end user personnel described above who attend our events at no charge. If you fall in this category and would still like to attend then the fee is 0/person. To sign up please click here, complete the pdf document that appears and fax it back to Angelbeat at 703-783-8015. All free attendees must be pre-approved in advance by Angelbeat and Angelbeat reserves the right to accept or reject a free pass request at its discretion. If you do not meet the above criteria and still try to register, then you will receive an automatic reply/confirmation from Eventbrite. However you will shortly receive another email from Angelbeat, rejecting and cancelling your registration. What are my transport/parking options getting to the event Detailed driving directions will be sent out to all attendees one week before the event. There is complimentary self parking. What is the dress code Suggested dress is business casual. What if you have special dietary needs/restrictions If you have special dietary needs/restrictions, then please email Angelbeat below. We will do our best to accommodate any and all requests.

at Crowne Plaza Hotel
Hwy 290 and IH 35 Austin, TX
Austin, United States

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