Big data-KM's bowl, water or goldfish?

Big data-KM's bowl, water or goldfish?
Just 10 years ago, only a small number of organizations (primarily governmental entities engaged in intelligence operations) and data-centric companies like FedEx and UPS were trying to adapt to what Vivisimo's Raul Valdes-Perez described as the …
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Vivísimo: Se operó 8 veces para parecerse a un ornitorrinco
Jenya Bolotov, de 26 años, logra hacer realidad su sueño de alterar su rostro hasta asimilarse al del animal. Fueron 7 años de intervenciones médicas. por MDZ Sociedad21 de Noviembre de 2014 | 20:201 opinión. Imprimir Enviar. Enviar por mail esta nota:.
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Wombat Security Technologies Uniquely Effective Education Solution Extends
Sands joins the Wombat team with extensive experience successfully leading engineering development teams for multiple technology companies such as ECI Telecom, Vivisimo (acquired by IBM), and most recently Forever, Inc. He will be leading the …
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