Biggest combine harvesters in the world!

Two Claas Lexions working in Bedfordshire in 2012.

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13 Responses to Biggest combine harvesters in the world!

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Meaningful work…keep it up guys

  2. Kent brochman says:

    Nothing the Amish can’t do.

  3. bossco09 says:

    Awesome video….great job well done

  4. Fultonfalcons86 says:

    sorry but John Deere does have the biggest combines in the world 

  5. Zac A. says:

    Lmfao music from the movie Gladiator XD

  6. The Libertine says:

    now I have to play farming simulator 2013, damn you

  7. Roberto Pechenino says:

    Kor6930, I watch this and tears comes to my eyes, I LOVE AGRICULTURE, we raised alfalfa hay for our cattle ranch in Washoe Valley Nevada, That was living, it is sad what is happening today, Ranching & Farming belongs in the hands of Families not BIG CORPORATE business. Look at what Big Corp is doing now, breeding Hollow seeds, that grow Hollow Food with ZERO NUTRITION, The WORLD needs to get back to basics, ALL ORGANIC & 100% Natural. God Save America, God Bless the Farmers, Ranchers & John Deer .

  8. oh ok says:

    ok……. ……and what are they doing????????

  9. Plowboy H says:

    Sorry your wrong s690 Deer check out the Cat and massey ferguson. Oh you might want to look the new holland. that combine might handle a 45 ft hedder for wheat now lets cut corn 16 rows at a time. 

  10. DamnsonYouGhetto says:

    Half Life 3 confirmed!

  11. EURL JF CROUZARD says:
  12. Lyn Ruelos says:


  13. Deftstaw says:

    Gladiator song not required… 

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