Blue chip efforts, humble hearts

Blue chip efforts, humble hearts
“It was more than riding the bus home and sitting in the hotel room that night, watching the team you lost to dogpile,” chimed in Jackson Glenn about his first taste of championship glory as a freshman and second as a junior. “It's all we waited for …
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Mark Cuban joined the Mavericks' celebratory dog pile after Deron Williams
When a player on your team shoots a buzzer beater, a joyful dog pile is an excellent way to celebrate. After Deron Williams shot his game-winner in double overtime, the Mavs jumped on him because holy crap what an ending.
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SMC softball cruises to Region 10 tourney title
From there, it was a relaxed buildup for the big celebration, a dog pile near the mound after the final out. The Pioneers (53-8, 19-0) earned a spot in next weekend's NJCAA Southeast Regional in Alexander City, Ala. From there, they could make the JUCO …
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