Brains, Poverty, and Educators

Brains, Poverty, and Educators
Complex scientific studies are often misleadingly cited to bolster long-held political beliefs, and a recent study measuring the brains of children and adolescents is the latest. The study, which appeared in Nature Neuroscience, found a relationship …
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How Did Less Than 1% of the Adult Population Redefine the Concept of Marriage?
Again, if you have any modicum of intelligence watching it, and you're aware that we are engaged in a nuclear negotiation with Iran, there's no way… If you know that, there's no way that you would support Obama going forth, if that show made an …

Time Warner Cable earnings fall short as Comcast deal ends
Programming and content expenses climbed 8.4 percent to $ 1.42 billion in the quarter, as TV programmers demanded higher fees for the right to air their sports and broadcast channels. Time Warner Cable gained 30,000 residential cable customers, while …
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