Can automakers prevent hackers from commandeering cars?

Can automakers prevent hackers from commandeering cars?
After the 2010 hack, the auto industry plugged access holes and tried to isolate entertainment and driver information systems from critical functions such as steering and brakes. But in each subsequent model year, it added microchips and essentially …
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DOTC holds back the economy
Good as our GDP growth rate has been, it could have been a whole lot better. Holding us back is a largely inadequate transport infrastructure and the failure of DOTC to do much about it. Last week, one A320 of Cebu Pacific and another of Air Asia were …
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Boom simulator preps students for refueling mission
The Boom Operator Weapons System Trainer is a simulator used by boom operator students here at Altus AFB to provide hands-on training before they even leave the ground. The simulated training allows the students to run through nearly any scenario …
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