Cathedral, ACCS fall in MAIS playoffs

Cathedral, ACCS fall in MAIS playoffs
Her father Dennis Hogue watched on as coach, fighting back his emotions. “That was very special,” Hogue said. “It was a double-whammy for me. I got a little emotional you know.” Park Place why it was the favorite early with ball control, speed and …
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10 Things Emotionally Intelligent People Do Not Do
It seems people believe the most intelligent thing to do is not have emotions at all. To be effective is to be a machine, a product of the age. A well-oiled, consumerist-serving, digitally attuned, highly unaware but overtly operational robot. And so …
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National Poetry Day: The rise and rise of performance poetry
“This fashion for poetry readings has led to a kind of poetry that you can understand first go: easy rhythms, easy emotions, easy syntax,” said Philip Larkin, perhaps unsurprisingly. Yet poetry made for live performance now gathers audiences that page …
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