changeMakers: Tinkering with “Twitter”

changeMakers: Tinkering with “Twitter”
Event on 2015-05-05 11:00:00


In this course, students dive right into the real world of building world-changing products, by developing a version of the popular web tool, Twitter from the ground up.

This version of Twitter was so successful, it evolved into one of the top 10 most used sites in the world today.

This hands-on workshop will gives students familiarity with “rapid prototyping” concepts, which are most concerned with how to launch quickly, efficiently, and effectively. We will explore topics such as web tools, visual design, managing data in the cloud, creating user engagement and interactivity through animations and javascript, customizing user experiences, and keeping your application data safe.

The course is not concerned with the fundamentals of computer science and having a career as a developer for a medium to large company. Instead, the focus is on giving students the tools to launch web products of their own, as well as sparking curiosity on what they can do with current technology. This is a play-based course, designed to hone “tinkering” and exploration habits, by giving students practice building useful tools that they can show off to friends and family.


  • No Experience Required – All levels welcome!
  • A laptop with internet connection installed with Google Chrome web-browser

   Let's dream big and build now together in 2015.

at Honolulu
Kahala Mall
Honolulu, United States

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