Could DuckDuckGo Overtake Bing?

Could DuckDuckGo Overtake Bing?
So in advance of a potential new flood of users, we sent a survey to more than 500 people via SurveyMonkey Audience to get a better understanding of who's already using DuckDuckGo and to learn how people feel about their online privacy.
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12 Things DuckDuckGo Can Do That Google Can't
Because it doesn't try to personalise results, DuckDuckGo's instant answers work for everyone and it has a great community of developers and users that are constantly adding new sources for answers. After using DuckDuckGo as our primary search engine …
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DuckDuckGo: Is the search engine good enough to rival Google?
One of DuckDuckGo's best features is 'meanings'. When you enter a term into the search box you might have a different meaning in mind than the one the search engine suggests, so for example if you're searching for style you might mean hair styles …
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