CPD for Lone Worker/Community Worker: Recognise, React & Refer

CPD for Lone Worker/Community Worker: Recognise, React & Refer
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Attention Employers! You now must ensure that frontline staff, those who engage with the public in communities, fully understand what radicalisation and extremism means and why people may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as a consequence of it. Your staff need to be aware of what is meant by the term “extremism” and the relationship between extremism and terrorism. The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 stipulates that employers have a duty to create internal protocols which facilitate the referral of any suspected radicalisation or extremist activity be referred into the Channel, and this duty extends to also ensuring the provision is made for appropriate training for staff  to be able to adequately use such protocols to then Recognise, React and Refer such suspected activities.   Visitor Workshop – A Unique CPD Resource!  Arguably the UK’s first fully interactive and relevant Extremism, Radicalisation and Terrorism awareness-training product available. Created to be used by public and private sector employers who have teams which are community facing; either as Home Visitors(those entering community houses) or Community Visitors (those working around and within communities). A unique designed and developed training resource which enables employers to ensure that every employee undergoes relevant training designed by one of the UK’s most experienced former Counter Terrorism Unit field agents, to meet all of the requirements under the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, and align to the inspection criterion of PREVENT and OFSTED.  Visitor is a fully road tested and acknowledged training resource which has been compiled with the full assistance of Counter Terrorism Officers, Health and Social Workers, Housing providers, Safeguarding professionals and front-line community services teams.  It brings community facing employees a facilitated and interactive learning environment. It develops an increased awareness of community Counter Terrorism issues in relation to the Home and Community environments they encounter, and it ultimately supports the legislative needs of employers in building the workforce Referral protocols required to enhance community safety.    Interactive, Informative… Invaluable! Workshops are 3hrs in duration, fully facilitated and interactive sessions taking audiences through both Home and Community visitor requirements and the required protocols to ensure personal safety, competence and the ability to Recognise, React and potentially Refer or Report– should they encounter – Terrorism or Extremist activity, during their deployments into the community.   Covering lone worker and team perspectives. Delivered by experienced former front-line operative trainers, with a format based around a visual and fully interactive presentation of ‘routine’ visits to a home or movements within a community.  Throughout, learners are asked to discuss their on-going observations and personal risk assessment considerations, and to explore how they could recognise, react to and potentially refer or report potential extremist and terrorist activity, should they see it!   The overarching intention of Visitor is not only to educate front-line workers in relation to the actual deployments, but also establish how they can effectively and safely signpost into their individual organisational Counter Terrorism and existing Health and Safety protocols.   Who can benefit? Visitor workshops are for Police Officers, Social Care Workers, Healthcare Workers, Ambulance & Fire Teams, Delivery Drivers, Utility & Telecoms Engineer Teams, Civil Engineering Teams, Housing Teams, Teachers, Local Authority Teams.  Once teams have experienced the Visitor Workshop, employers can quickly begin to develop and demonstrate highly relevant Counter Terrorism and Security leadership protocols to meet the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 requirements:  establishing or using existing mechanisms for staffs’ understanding of the risk of radicalisation, extremism and terrorism in the community context;  ensuring staff understand the risks and can build the capabilities to deal with it;  widely communicate and promote the importance of the duty; and  ensure staff implement the duty effectively.  About Visitor: Its Creator and Background: Dean Coady OBE is a former Parachute Regiment soldier, who joined Greater Manchester Police in 1990 and remained ‘front-line’ throughout his career. He operated within numerous and varied Police departments including; Organised Crime, Murder Squad, Gang Unit (based in Moss Side) and  the Counter-Terrorism Unit (as an Engagement Officer). His speciality was providing a conduit between the communities and surrounding areas, and the Police. Dean is also a trained Hostage Negotiator and Illicit Drugs expert.  Prior to his retirement from the Police  in October 2014, Dean was one of the highest decorated officers in the United Kingdom, receiving numerous awards, including the NWG (CSE specialists) ‘Unsung Hero’ Award in 2014. In addition to this he received awards from Chief Constables, Crown Court Judges and other Commendations. In 2000 he received the Order of the British Empire, (O.B.E) in the Millenium Honours List, from HM Queen for “Services to the Police”( Special Police Operations).  As a seasoned trainer, Dean has worked with teams across Mental Health, Social Work and Safeguarding, Local Authority, Education, Housing Associations. His training has been channel into helping those at risk, or communities affected by street gang activity, child sexual exploitation and radicalisation. Since founding Urban Pure Solutions, Dean has been involved in supporting anti-corruption investigation overseas, and spent time with Miami Police officers who specialise in Urban Crime and Gang Activity. Dean travels the world maintaining an up to date knowledge of current threats and to identify new approaches to developing community cohesion and safety. Visitor is part of his nationally acclaimed Urban Saftey training products; all fully tested and highly regarded as prevention and support learning resources for professional workers within communities.  To meet official needs, Dean has created a full suite of lesson plans, trainer’s notes, interactive power-point presentations and feedback sheets in relation to the Visitor Workshop. Where requested he provides a strategic delivery document, to align into PREVENT, Crime & Disorder and Safeguarding legislation.  Visit the Urban Pure Solutions website

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