Creativity in the Digital Age

Creativity in the Digital Age
Event on 2015-10-29 19:00:00
Creativity in the digital age Synopsis: Creativity, imagination, inspiration, genius, and spontaneity have always been at the centre of what are regarded as the defining characteristics of being “human.” Production and reproduction, reason, the mechanistic, and the confines of algorithms have been in part what humans define themselves against. In a related way, if being human has been about pursuing the truth and aspiring to wisdom by arriving at knowledge, none of these figures to any extent in our information age. Creativity has always been about breaking rules and defying the rational and mechanistic. There is an extent to which this way of thinking, these long-standing binaries, are no longer valid as work on artificial intelligence blurs boundaries between people and machines. This talk will examine aspects of contemporary AI (artificial intelligence) research in an era of the post-human and the threats and opportunities in the realm of creative and cultural industries. The fundamental question is that of the extent to which concepts of creativity can continue to hold the robotic at bay. The answers will be critical to the development of teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education. About the Speaker: Prof Peter Rawlings is Associate Dean Academic and Professor of English and American Literature in the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education at The University of the West of England, Bristol, UK. He completed his PhD on American literature and the history of biology at the University of Cambridge. He has published widely on Henry James, American theories of fiction in the nineteenth century, and the American reception of Shakespeare. His books include Americans on Shakespeare, Americans on Fiction, 1776-1914 (3 volumes), Henry James and the Abuse of the Past, Three American Theorists of the Novel: Henry James, Lionel Trilling, and Wayne C. Booth, Henry James Studies¸ and Great Shakespeareans: James, Melville, Emerson, Berryman. Henry James, Consciousness and the Evolution of the Novel is forthcoming (2014).

at TMC Academy @ City Campus
250 Middle Rd
Singapore, Singapore

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