Doc & Turd: Paper Metals Prices Can’t Go Much Lower

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St was able to interview Turd Ferguson of TF Metals Report and ‘Doc’ of Silver Doctors for a 30+…

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9 Responses to Doc & Turd: Paper Metals Prices Can’t Go Much Lower

  1. WallStForMainSt says:

    Now that Bart Chilton is leaving the CFTC he is debating writing a tell all book about all the manipulations in LIBOR, precious metals, etc.

  2. Mo Dawoud says:

    Good podcast!

  3. WallStForMainSt says:
  4. Ethercruiser1 says:

    If you read Ed Stern’s Gold & Silver Daily, there’s this link: Ron Rosen: “60-Year Market Veteran – This Will Send Gold and Oil Soaring”. Rosen said OIL made a recent technical breakout up & he thinks the June lows in PMs will hold & PMs are set to soon break upwards again. Today’s action in PMs & oil both went along with his analysis.

  5. AgAu Man says:

    I keep hearing people say that physical PMs are insurance from the demise of the dollar. How can this be? Insurance is for an event that may or may not happen. I know and am convinced that the fiat currency system will end, its a mathematical certainty . So given the fact that the dollar will end are physical PMs really insurance? I think not, its your only option. Stack on…..

  6. John Hebein-caunce says:

    how do you know jp morgan is long. i heard that before gold went up in august, how do we know they didnt take their profit

  7. Jay Chi says:

    what do you think of this article?

  8. gspotjazz says:

    “Paper Metals Prices Can’t Go Much Lower” (Famous last words.) P.S. Define “much.”

  9. pdxeddie1111 says:

    what? it can’t go on forever? what do you mean? In theory anything is possible. Elephants can become invisible during a lunar eclipse while jugling chainsaws

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