Docker Berlin with Jessie Frazelle and Patrick Chanezon

Docker Berlin with Jessie Frazelle and Patrick Chanezon
Event on 2015-11-12 19:00:00
Join us for an interactive session at our Zalando Technology HQ, as we host Docker Berlin. Agenda 7 PM: ​Arrive at Zalando, grab snacks and drinks!  7:10 PM:​ Kick­off with welcome/hello and intro to Zalando  7:10­ – 7:40 PM: ​First presentation:  Jessie Frazelle – Updates to Docker Engine See some demos of everything new in the Docker Engine including networking, user namespaces, and even some seccomp security profiles features that are to come in the future. 7:40­ – 7:50 PM: ​10­ minute Q&A  7:50 – 8:20 PM­: ​Second talk Patrick Chanezon – What’s new with Docker 1.9 Over the last year container orchestration discussions have mainly centered on Mesos and Kubernetes. In November, Docker tools have matured to a point where you can orchestrate your containers in a pure Docker stack: • Docker 1.9 ships with volume and overlay networking • Swarm has been tested on 1000 nodes clusters and supports overlay networking • Compose is integrated with Swarm • Machine lets you deploy Swarm clusters and has a new plugin API I will demo how to leverage these new capabilities to orchestrate your microservice based applications in a Docker centric stack. 8:20­ – 8:30 PM: ​Q&A  8:30 – 9:00 PM: Networking and drinks!

at Puro Skylounge
Mollstraße 1
Berlin, Germany

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