DraftKings daily picks: Fantasy basketball lineup-January 12

DraftKings daily picks: Fantasy basketball lineup-January 12
For each position, there is a slide for high-salary options and a slide for high-value options, and on each slide you'll find at least two players with a few extras thrown in where possible. I base my picks on the current form of each player and the …
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The Numbers Crunch: This ranking of colleges is more on the money
Quite a few California universities rank high – but not the big names atop many other lists. For instance, the highest-ranking public university is Cal State Bakersfield, whose graduates a decade after getting their degrees earned an average of $ 48,100 …
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Systematic Analysis of Sex-Linked Molecular Alterations and Therapies in Cancer
We obtained extremely high 10-fold cross-validated prediction accuracy (cross-validated AUC >0.99) for predicting sex based on gene expression data for all 17 cancers and the 1 meta-analysis across all cancers. … To create our input signatures, we …
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