Element Of Surprise Helps Babies Learn 'Significantly' Better

Element Of Surprise Helps Babies Learn 'Significantly' Better
The element of surprise provides a brain boost to the baby who becomes more intrigued by the possibilities of the unexpected. Babies who were shown the surprising events were able to learn faster and more efficiently afterward compared to those babies …
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You Don't Have To Hit The Gym To Get A Brain Boost
We know that exercise is good for the brain and body. But what kind of exercise might be best for improving cognitive function? A new study suggests that even mild physical activity can have a powerful effect on boosting brain power. Researchers from …
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Big steps for tykes
This mix of structure and free-play is one of the signatures of the Little Gym's program that focuses on three-dimensional learning: get moving (physical); citizen kids (social and emotional) and brain boost (cognitive), explains Kolano. "The whole …
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