EU to announce on Google anti-trust probe

EU to announce on Google anti-trust probe
The European competition watchdog is examining criticism that the US Internet search giant favours its own services to the detriment of competitors, like price comparison site Kelkoo or sites specialising in travel such as Expedia. If it issues a …
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Hey, Eurocrats, I Like Google Shopping
The display offers three alternatives to Google Shopping: Supaprice, Kelkoo and Shopzilla. To get a sense of how useful such added links would be, I did my own comparison of Google Shopping to two of these services (Kelkoo and Shopzilla; I was unable …
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Delivery Is A High Stakes Game; Meet The Founder Learning The Lessons And
Keynoir dealt in money off vouchers for upmarket products and was founded by former Kelkoo CEO Phil Wilkinson. Kelkoo, the price comparison website founded in France in 1999, was sold to Yahoo Yahoo for 450 million euros in 2004, and subsequently …
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