Evening Vinyasa Yoga at the Gardens

Evening Vinyasa Yoga at the Gardens
Event on 2015-05-06 18:00:00
Looking for an amazing place to practice your yoga skills, how about the beautiful Denver Botanic Gardens? Vinyasa yoga weaves beautiful movement with challenging postures, and cultivates a sense of peace and calm by the end of each yoga class. Practicing vinyasa yoga on a daily basis can improve posture, flexibility, and endurance. Beyond the physical benefits, yoga helps to bring a sense of clarity to challenging situations in life, reminds us to stay present and focused in an ever-changing environment, and can help us find happiness and contentment in our surroundings. Focusing on an open heart and mind, yoga has the ability to positively affect all aspects of life. Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where asanas (postures) are linked with breath, creating beautiful movement and flow from one posture to the next. This is a great practice for anyone looking to connect the mind with the body. The postures practiced in this challenging class will promote alignment, flexibility, focus, endurance and help detoxify the body. All levels welcome. Please bring a mat, a towel and water. Walk-ins are welcome for members or non-members! Please bring cash if possible but credit cards are also accepted. members, non-members. Instructor: Blake Burger. Location: Morrison Center (north end of the Children's Garden) except April 16, which will be in the Orangery. See the website for more information and to register online.

at Denver Botanic Gardens
1007 York Street
Denver, United States

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