Ex Machina Is a Modern Sci-Fi Take on Consciousness

Ex Machina Is a Modern Sci-Fi Take on Consciousness
A new science fiction movie called Ex Machina opens today — it's a tense, thought-provoking story, and one that may be particularly interesting to TechCrunch readers for its depiction of artificial intelligence and the way the characters struggle to …
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3 passengers lose consciousness on New England-bound flight
CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. —A passenger on a SkyWest flight to Connecticut that made an emergency landing in New York described a lack of air in the cabin and shortness of breath as three others on board lost consciousness, but the airline said an inspection …
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Warning over 'sleeper' game encouraging children to lose consciousness
Young people in Northamptonshire are being warned about the dangers of a 'sleeper' game in which a child has their nose and mouth held shut until they black out. A child was hospitalised this week after his nose and mouth was held shut by another …
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