Exploiting the data mine

Exploiting the data mine
The inspiration for the first RSC ontology, the Reaction Ontology (RXNO), came from hearing about a gene ontology for biochemical processes being developed at the EBI. 'We realised that the chemical community had similar problems when discussing …
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Systems biology surveillance decrypts pathological transcriptome remodeling
Focused examination of domain-specific gene ontology remodeling revealed a general enrichment of Cardiovascular Development in the truncation variants, with unique prioritization of “Cardiovascular Disease” exclusive to the cohort of down regulated …
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Recursive splicing in long vertebrate genes
1b–d), and are enriched in Gene Ontology (GO) terms associated with the nervous system (Extended Data Fig. 1a). We therefore produced 1.5 billion paired-end total RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) reads from four post-mortem brains to search for new splicing …
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