Facebook Growth Hacking: Hands-On Workshop

Facebook Growth Hacking: Hands-On Workshop
Event on 2015-12-04 13:30:00
Facebook Growth Hacking Tactics for 2016: Your 3 Part Secret for Facebook Growth Hacking: GCT, AEC, MAA   Overview: Whether you are a small startup or an already successful business, technical or non-technical, you'll need these framework items to assess and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.   Bring your laptop to this workshop and complete as many of the setup checklist items in advance as you can. We're going to roll up our sleeves and implement campaigns together on Facebook.   Part 1: GCT (Goals, Content, Targeting):   Goals: determine your cost per lead and acceptable cost per sale Content: How strong is your content engine and how well are assets converting at different points in the funnel? Targeting: How big are your email, web, and social audiences? Do you have remarketing pixels in place to cross-pollinate?   Part 2: AEC (Audience, Engagement, Conversion):   Audience: What are the sizes of your email, web, and social audiences across each network? Do you have concentric circles mapping out the size of the potential market by interest, so you can grow lookalikes from your existing customer list? Engagement: What content across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube drives clicks to your site or app– which then turns into email collection and remarketing audiences? Make sure that your email and web engines are integrated with social. Conversion: How much brand vs non-brand traffic do you have in search and social? How do you spot missing optimization opportunities to set up your funnel?   Part 3: MAA (Metrics, Analysis, Action):   Metrics: Let's set up and tune your marketing dashboard to track funnel performance. What metrics should you look at in tandem to spot common mistakes in quality vs quantity trade-offs? Analysis: How do you determine what's working and not so you can kill the duds and amplify the winners? Follow the Top N approach to determine which actions will yield the greatest benefit. Action: Which are the right tweaks for your marketing mix, content mix, and audience pools?    Turn this into a monthly process that you or a marketing assistant can follow each month. We'll distribute the checklists to workshop participants in advance.         Instructors:     Dennis Yu, Co-Founder and CTO BlitzMetrics       Who should Attend:   Growth Marketers• Social Media Marketers •  Community Managers •  Founders • CEOs • Marketing Directors •  Software Engineers •Product Managers • Small Business Owners • Marketing Consultants • Investors • Mentors • Entrepreneurs Sponsors:   Partners:                                                               If you would like to learn more about sponsorship packages, please send us an email to sponsor@startupsocials.com Follow US Linkedin I Meetup   Events are non-refundable. We will issue a credit towards another future Startup Socials event for cancellations made at least 2 business days prior to the program. Credits are good for six months after they are issued. To cancel your pre- registration, please email Vasil at vasil@startupsocials.com. There will be no credits granted after the two-business day cut-off.    

at Forio HQ
20 Rausch St
San Francisco, United States

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