First quad- and octa-core QorIQ SoCs unveiled

First quad- and octa-core QorIQ SoCs unveiled
Visitors to the Freescale Technology Forum in Austin, Texas, this week have enjoyed a motherlode of product announcements from Freescale, not to mention a keynote from hardware hacker patron saint Steve Wozniak. Here we look at Freescale's announcement …
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The ASUS X99 Rampage V Extreme ROG Review
For a number of generations, each motherboard company has had its halo product that pushes boundaries and wallets. For ASUS, the Rampage IV Extreme, based on X79, was a resounding success for sales. We sourced the next chipset iteration, the X99 …
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A Conversation With Bob Benya
There are definitely some trade-off decisions that our operators must make to manage their capacity planning. And several of the middle-tier — soon to be the much-larger — affiliates are expanding their VOD capacity, and embracing new technologies …
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