Florida Governor Rick Scott Visits Tampa-based Inspirata to Applaud its Cancer Diagnostics Solution and the Accompanying Bio-tech Jobs it is Generating

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) May 18, 2015

Cancer diagnostics solution provider, Inspirata, Inc. was visited today by Floridas top elected official, Governor Rick Scott, who had a positive message to deliver about the companys job creation and praise for its efforts to improve the process of diagnosing cancer.

During his visit, the Governor spoke to Inspirata employees and local dignitaries about the importance of having opportunities available in the biotechnology space that attract and retain top talent locally so they can contribute to the States economic wellbeing. We are happy to announce Inspiratas creation of 70 new jobs in Tampa, said Governor Scott. Jobs like these mean Floridians are able to build great careers and achieve their dreams in a field that is truly saving lives. Last year, we invested $ 80 million in our cancer research centers across the state, because we are committed finding a cure for this terrible disease. We will continue working to make Florida the number one destination for jobs by cutting taxes and investing in education.

Florida is a great state in which to build a business and, while we initially investigated other locations for our headquarters, Tampa really was our top choice, said Inspirata Chairman and CEO Satish Sanan. Besides the positive economic climate in Florida, Tampa has countless other benefits, including high-quality graduates from the many outstanding universities and colleges in the area. Finally, but not the least of our considerations, was the fact that the core group of employees joining Inspirata have all lived in the greater Tampa Bay area for many years. Since this is our home, we have a vested interest in seeing the area prosper.

Patient advocate and two-time cancer survivor, Kimberly Jewett, also attended todays event at Inspirata. She thanked the Governor for creating the business-friendly atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurs like Sanan to invest in advancing cancer diagnostics. She also thanked Inspirata employees for the work they are doing to facilitate more rapid and accurate diagnoses leveraging digital pathology technologies and computational image analytics that help pathologists work more efficiently. Most people dont realize when they ask for a second opinion on a cancer diagnosis, that those opinions should be based on examination of tissue on the glass slide, not simply the original pathology report, said Jewett. I know this process all too well, having experienced many delays by both the referring and receiving hospitals to get my physical glass slides transferred for review. I am a big advocate of the future vision of digital pathology that can help all of us ensure that our slides can be rendered into digital images that can then be shared and reviewed in a short amount of time by multiple specialized pathologists. The digitizing of glass pathology slides can make the diagnostic process much faster and easier for cancer patients. The time is now for second opinions enabled by digital pathology.

About Inspirata, Inc.

Inspirata, Inc. provides a cancer diagnostics solution that digitizes and automates the entire pathology workflow using a unique, solution as a service delivery model. This comprehensive solution includes workflow automation, computer-aided cancer detection and diagnostic tools as supplemental aids to assist pathologists with diagnoses and to aid in the prediction of disease progression and therapeutic responses. For more information, please visit http://www.inspirata.com or contact info(at)inspirata(dot)com.

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