Funnelback Drives New Zealand Automobile Association Search

Canberra, ACT (PRWEB) January 15, 2010

Funnelback is now driving the New Zealand Automobile Association’s (AA) external website search service.

Mr. Mark Williams, AA’s General Manager, Database and Web said “We chose Funnelback because it was quick and easy to deploy and because it provides our customers with relevant website search results that answer their queries and gives them options to explore sub-topics of interest.”

“We have also been very impressed by the high level of professional and responsive support provided by Funnelback”, said Mr. Williams.

Mr. Stuart Beil, Funnelback’s Executive Director said, “The AA website search provides state of the art search result presentation with customers being able to refine searches by exploring subsections of the website by clicking on Facets (displayed on the left hand side of the search results) or by making use of Funnelback’s Contextual Navigation results by clicking on search query sub topics (on the right hand side of the search results).”

Mr. Williams said, “Contextual Navigation is a powerful tool that helps our website users to become aware of the range of related products or services available to them. For example, a simple search for the term ‘insurance’ will reveal not only ‘Car’ insurance, but other forms of insurance that we offer, such as ‘Travel’, ‘Contents’ and ‘Life'”.

“We are now working on bringing in other online information sources for Funnelback to search that makes use of Funnelback’s e-commerce and geospatial capabilities”, said Mr. Williams.

The Funnelback search service can be accessed through the AA website

The New Zealand Automobile Association is a mutual organisation and an incorporated society that provides breakdown assistance and related services to its members. AA was founded in New Zealand in 1903. Today it offers motoring advice, insurance, finance, maps and travel guides to New Zealand motorists. It is also a significant advocate for the New Zealand motorist to government and the transport industry.

Funnelback is a search engine technology and services company. Our search technology allows your staff or customers to find key information held on websites, intranets, databases, other internal information repositories. This drives greater ROI on your information assets, satisfied users and more efficient and productive staff. Funnelback processes millions of search queries each day by clients such as the UK Electoral Commission, University of Staffordshire, the National Research Council of Canada, the Australian Government, Westpac Bank, the ASX and Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

For further information, contact: Stuart Beil, T: + 61 2 6175 8500.

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