Getting Ediscovery to Work for You

Getting Ediscovery to Work for You
Leading vendors in this space include Autonomy, Clearwell Systems, FTI Technology, Guidance Software and ZyLAB. The e-discovery software market has already undergone a certain amount of consolidation, and this trend will likely continue over the …
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Why you should know the difference between search tools and discovery tools
Government information technology workers might have heard the following three phrases used interchangeably: search tools, information discovery tools and e-discovery tools. Depending on your definition, there is some overlap among the concepts.

Advogados deveriam conhecer o Quadrante Mágico do e-Discovery
O Gartner Group, como a maioria dos leitores deve saber, é um provedor mundial de pesquisas e análises, especialmente no campo da tecnologia da informação. E no dia 18 de maio, publicou seu Quadrante Mágico anual sobre softwares para e-Discovery.
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