Goldman Sachs Puts Elasticsearch To Work

Goldman Sachs Puts Elasticsearch To Work
… there are a number of search engines based on Apache Lucene: Solr, LucidWorks, Swiftype, Index Tank and Consillio, to name a few open source examples. Lucene was developed by Doug Cutting, who went to create the Web crawler, Nutch, and then the …
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Datameer CEO Stefan Groschupf Talks Analytics and Disruptors
He was one of the few early contributors to Nutch, the open source project that spun off Hadoop. Open source technologies designed and coded by Stefan can be found running in all 20 of the Fortune 20 companies in the world, and innovative open source …
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Reading Your Way Into Big Data
This addition to Programmer's Bookshelf is a roadmap of the reading required to take you from novice to competent in areas relating to Big Data, Hadoop, and Spark. It is based mainly on books reviewed on i-programmer, together with my own experiences.
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