Harry Potter's UK Diagon Alley Now On Google Street View

Harry Potter's UK Diagon Alley Now On Google Street View
If you grew up on the Harry Potter books (or even just read them to someone who did), the name Diagon Alley will no doubt ring a few bells. The fictional street is where Harry Potter and his friends go to buy their school supplies in the first book and …
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Algorithms for Searching Among Chinese Characters Could Provide Effective
Base pairs do not. As it happens, Chinese characters don't, either, but search engines have gotten around this. Wang Liang, a computer scientist at SOSO.com, one of the big three search engines in China, says the trick is to segment the words into "n …
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Tencent loses three executives after search department restructuring
"Soso.com should turn to mobile, where there is no clear leader and Tencent has an edge since it entered domestic mobile Internet early and has developed some of the most-used mobile applications, such as its mobile instant messaging software QQ, into …
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