Health Transformation Dinner

Health Transformation Dinner
Event on 2016-05-02 18:30:00
You and your guests will get a wonderful evening of great food, fun, and life changing information.   Dr. Sousley will be going over:   What Health really is What the top 3 killers in America are today and how to slash your chances of dying from them by 98% How to live a quality life by reducing and eliminating medications, avoiding surgery, and… Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, avoiding sick medical debt (the #1 cause of bankruptcy today) You are getting a wonderful meal on top of that! About Dr. Ryan Sousley: Dr. Sousley is a visionary leader and nationally acclaimed speaker spreading the wellness message for the past four years. He dedicates his life to help improve and transform lives and maximize your potential.  Dr. Ryan Sousley has an outstanding career and is respected as an authority on wellness principles. Through Dr. Sousley and the principles he teaches on true health, tens of thousands of lives are being saved and transformed each year. Dr. Sousley teaches and travels around the country to educate hundreds of doctors through the principles he teaches and has had unparalleled success with his own practice members, where other hospitals, chiropractic, and medical systems have failed miserably. Dr. Ryan Sousley teaches events that reach more than 10,000 people each year throughout the U.S. and Canada.  These events are designed to transform lives through the science of the 5 Essentials of health. Dr. Sousley’s experience and decorated career speak volumes of his knowledge base and concern for healthy living. An avid researcher, Dr. Ryan Sousley consistently and passionately teaches his practice members on how the body functions and the best ways to eat and exercise. Through many life experiences, like being a collegiate athlete and struggling though multiple cases of cancer in his family, he is seasoned and experienced with the ups and downs people experience with the human body.   

at Seasons of Coeur d Alene
209 E. Lakeside Avenue
Coeur D Alene, United States

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