Holy Spirit fire to the Arab world! 1(4)

In the Europe Conference 2010 (‘Word of Life’ Uppsala, Sweden) Benny Hinn was one of the preachers, and he was surprised by all the Arabs who had come there. – This is prophetic, he said….
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8 Responses to Holy Spirit fire to the Arab world! 1(4)

  1. lulu Josiee says:

    He just does what God tells him to do, whe he gets the power, even he cant control what he does, his hands and nerves become in the control of the holy spirit, thats why sometimes he just waves, sometimes he taps l, sometimes he touches, sometimes he commands and sometimes he just breathes on them and they fall, if God has to show his power, Benny has to do exactly what the holy spirit leads him to do… just like the story of Moses otherwise, when he struck the rock instead of commanding it, he was withheld from the land of Canaan. If you try to take control over what has to happen with the power of the Spirit, God’s glory will be displayed no matter what… but that might turn into a curse to his own life. Thats why he cant expect the Spirit to work the he wants it to or the power to flow through his way… joseph941000able

  2. Trent Tait says:

    when we mention a move of god ……he’s moving are you!!!

  3. itsoutahere says:

    Funny funny funny stuff, nothing to do with the creator though

  4. Gloria Sakr says:

    The Holy Spirit doesn’t miss our countries

  5. Dennette Carter says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people claiming to be Spirit-filled Christians do not understand or fully comprehend the power of GOD! We serve awesome GOD and I welcome as much of GOD’S power that I can get! Welcome Holy Spirit! Dennette

  6. Eliusalmo1 says:

    It’s not your way. God touch people with His power as he wants to do it. Because is God power, healing occur.

  7. Mauro PEREIRA SARAIVA says:


  8. Alice Mathew says:

    Halleluyah,Jesus also saves Arab world..

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