How The Physical Web Will Change Local Marketing Forever

How The Physical Web Will Change Local Marketing Forever
Every so often a new technology sneaks up and changes the world before we can blink. Other times, we see a technology launch and we think to ourselves, “That's going to change life as we know it.” Eddystone-URL a new beacon technology with the …
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How To Bring New Marketers On Board-The Training Blueprint
This same concept applies to bringing new marketing professionals up to speed when they come aboard. This process is called “Onboarding.” Many times, new marketers are thrown right into the fray without proper training. What I have put together is …
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Jacksonville has an image and marketing problem
This conclusion is based on a reading of the lengthy report produced for the transition committee to Mayor Lenny Curry. Let's start with this biggie: Jacksonville doesn't have a brand or a long-term goal. As the saying goes, if you don't know where you …
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