How to Retire Early With Real Estate Investing

How to Retire Early With Real Estate Investing
Event on 2015-06-18 18:00:00
Metrolina REIA Presents…. Chad Carson Chad Carson is a pretty amazing guy.  A former Clemson University All-Star Linebacker, he obtained a degree in Biology that he never quite got around to using, as he dove into Real Estate Investing full-time with both feet shortly after graduating, and has since done well in excess of 100 transactions, holds a substantial portfolio of rental properties (almost all of which were financed by the Seller), and devotes his time to travelling the world, coaching new investors, and enjoying a good amount of high quality time with his wife and 2 daughters. When Chad began his real estate investing journey, he set an audacious, daring, and wholly unattainable (or was it?) goal that before the age of 30, he would have accomplished certain benchmarks in his business so that he could "retire".  Not retire in the conventional sense, whittling wood on a rocking chair on his porch just didn't sound attractive to this ambitious former All-Star football player.  Rather, the goal was a 4 month, inter-continental trip around the world with his wife, during which time his business would continue to produce large amounts of cashflow in his absence. Chad has since made it a habit to set and achieve important goals, and reward he and his growing family with world travel.   At this exciting event, Chad will discuss the concept of how you can use Real Estate Investing to "retire", regardless of the images that word conjures up for you.  I suppose it could be best summarized as the ability to spend your time as you see fit, unencumbered by financial constraints. Chad has mapped out several plans to get you there, from the conservative, slow, "safe" method that avoids leverage, to the turbo-charged "my job disgusts me" accelerated plan, and at this event he will be sharing how we can use those or somewhere in between to accomplish our goals.  Chad doesn't sleep till noon, nor does he spend his days playing checkers on a barrel in front of an old country store, and he is prepared to expand your mind's concept of what it can mean to "retire" early. Discover how #MetrolinaREIA can Help you Reitire Early with Real Estate Investing.  Visit our website and register for this event at Follow us on Google+ 

at Marriott Executive Park
5700 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, United States

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