How to use isohunt and uTorrent

How to use isohunt and uTorrent

This is a quick video showing you how to use to download almost anything you want. You can get uTorrent from WARNING – I am not responsible for anything that…
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15 Responses to How to use isohunt and uTorrent

  1. Nam Watnatee says:

    @ikbenhetsam Clubbed to death by Escala

  2. biggoofy1234 says:

    @vballsacs if you look at the video at 1:42 notice how there is check boxes next to different parts. As long as the episodes are separate you should be able to un-check the ones you don’t want.

  3. ikbenhetsam says:

    @biggoofy1234 thnx i’ll take a look 😉

  4. biggoofy1234 says:

    Up above the summary tab in small text it will say “download .torrent from sources:” Just click that and you should be golden.

  5. strat paul says:

    wait the thing at 1;27 doesnt show up in my pc!

  6. yurt101 says:

    lmao you have to go through all that just to download one thing… haha try using vuze just click what you want to download and click the button that says open.. and it automaticly opens it in vuze if vuze isn’t running it automaticly opens up vuze and begins downloading no more clicks then 2… i saw you clicked what 4 times before it finnaly started downloading.. eh i guess thats just me thats picky bout small annoying things like that i guess tho lol

  7. psycl0nes says:

    why arnt you seeding!! ^^

  8. deavyjonescristobal says:

    does this have viruses because my sister broke my ps1 game about 5years ago and i have always wanted to play it again but my dada thinks it has virus.

  9. RockahD91 says:

    you’re the best 😀

  10. Vic Ball says:

    is it possible to down load only certain parts of a torrent. ie. only one episode of a series?

  11. WATSOUP says:

    Vuze is pretty good, at least better than frostwire, it downloads pretty fast….i dunno about utorrent

  12. biggoofy1234 says:

    Utorrent is the first one I found so i stuck with it and have not had any problems, i’ll give Vuze a try adn see how it is.

  13. Headshothorror4488 says:

    Anyone know how to get reinventing the tattoo 2nd edition free, please help , I will pay 10$

  14. biggoofy1234 says:

    @000057890000 thats with firefox, its a different internet browser than internet explorer. IE should still let you open it with uTorrent, or whatever program your using.

  15. biggoofy1234 says:

    @joker57082 I think anyone can….

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