Humanoid robot takes a run through the woods – video

Humanoid robot takes a run through the woods – video
Atlas, a humanoid robot, can run on natural terrains such as soil and rocks. Here it is seen navigating through woodland and jogging along a nature trail. This promotional film from Atlas's maker Boston Dynamics, owned by Google's parent company …
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'Weird hotel' in Japan run by robots who handle guest relations, transport
Imagine a hotel where service can only be perfect, you are served at the front desk by a talking dinosaur and your room comes with a personal assistant the size of a doll. These possibilities are all a reality at Japan's new completely robot-run Henn …
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Robot Weapons: What's the Harm?
The specter of autonomous weapons may evoke images of killer robots, but most applications are likely to be decidedly more pedestrian. Indeed, while there are certainly risks involved, the potential benefits of artificial intelligence on the …
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