InfoValue Announces its IPTV installation at the IP Casino, Resort, & Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Elmsford, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2015

InfoValue Computing, Inc. (InfoValue), IP Media Technology experts, today marked the conclusion of the companys successful installation of InfoValue SuiteTV at IP Casino, Resort, and Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi (IP Biloxi). IP Biloxi selected InfoValue for the value-add of the companys SuiteTV platform, the systems flexibility to work effectively in various environments and InfoValues technical expertise, as the hotel needed a vendor that could work with legacy equipment of a previous interactive TV vendor that had ceased operating.

After a redesign of the existing componentry, InfoValue was able to deliver the full menu of SuiteTV offerings to IP Biloxi. Guests now enjoy IP-VOD movies and the easy-to-use SuiteTV user interface complete with an IP Biloxi guest portal including interactive amenities. Next, IP Biloxi looks to take advantage of the SuiteTV platforms digital signage and integrated Players Club capabilities. Eventually, IP Biloxi will procure and install SmartTVs, which will allow for a set-top box free room environment.

IP Biloxi has been quite impressed with InfoValues ability to bring great and cost-effective value to the property and our guests. By working closely together, IP Biloxi and InfoValue have created a superior guest entertainment and information experience that reinforces our focus on exceptional customer service, said Duncan McKenzie, IP Biloxis Vice President and General Manager.

IP Biloxi represented a significant and unique challenge. My colleagues and I take great pride in what InfoValue was able to accomplish, especially given IP Biloxis remarkable commitment to guest service, said Monsong Chen, CEO of InfoValue. We are thankful for IP Biloxis confidence in InfoValue leading to this project.

InfoValue SuiteTV is a leading-edge IP Media Technology solution tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. InfoValue SuiteTV offers personalized guest services ranging from high-quality HDTV VOD to network-based personal video recording (nPVR), time-shifted television (TSTV), and a fully integrated mobile component enabling screen-sharing and soft access points for high-speed Internet access (HSIA). The integrated mobile component reflects InfoValues commitment to empowering guests to control their in-room experience. InfoValue SuiteTV is therefore uniquely capable of delivering hotel quadruple play services delivery of TV, video, voice, and data over a converged IP network infrastructure, to generate new revenues, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce operational expenses.

About InfoValue:

Founded in 1994, InfoValue is recognized for innovations and advances in IP Media Technology. InfoValue QuickVideo is a standards-compliant, open architecture platform, which is optimized with innovative, patented technologies, delivering interactive video-on-demand and video multicast capabilities, as well as integrated video indexing, distributed video caching, server clustering, and video service management capabilities,. InfoValue QuickVideo counts as its users: telecommunication carriers, corporations, governments, educational institutions, hospitality providers, and broadcasters worldwide. InfoValue delivers turnkey, industry-specific IP Media Technology solutions, such as InfoValue SuiteTV for hospitality, InfoValue BizTV for training and communications, and InfoValue NextGenTV for residential. InfoValue’s corporate headquarters are located at 4 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523. More information on InfoValue and its products and services is available at, via e-mail at info(at)infovalue(dot)com, or by phone at (914) 345-5980.

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