Introduction and practice into Whirling Meditation

Introduction and practice into Whirling Meditation
Event on 2015-05-02 16:00:00
Every Saturday at 16h connect with your heart and experience your unmoved center.

Dervish turning is a potent method for experiencing inner stillness and the opening of the heart.

As well as having a deep transforming effect on the turners, whirling has a profound inner symbolism, which represents mankind’s inner journey back to the realisation of his essential oneness with God and the unity of all creation.

Maybe you whirled when you were a child, just because it felt good, or because you liked the dizzy sensation once you stopped. But is it possible to whirl for a long time – say more than ten minutes – without suffering vertigo? And is it really possible to experience elation? The answer to both questions is yes! As you practice whirling, perhaps you will experience ecstasy, as many people have on occasion.

Before Whirling:
It is recommended that no food or drink be taken for two hours before whirling. It is best to wear socks and loose clothing. If you like you can wear a long skirt.

Please arrive 10 minutes before start!

For more information:
Tel: 030 120 96 326

Price: 8€ / reduced: 5€

at Osho Meditation Studio
Schlesischestr. 38
Berlin, Germany

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