Jimmy Wales on the Semantic Web

Jimmy Wales on the Semantic Web

For a long time, Wales simply didn’t understand it. Topic: The promise of the semantic web. Jimmy Wales: So for a long time I used to say about semantic web that it sounded neat, but I…
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3 Responses to Jimmy Wales on the Semantic Web

  1. U5K0 says:

    The semantic web is to the web as microsoft access is to a table in pdf Am I in the right area code?

  2. BCmoney says:

    How about this: “The Semantic Web is to the Web, as the Web was to Usenet” The Web basically replaced Usenet as the most popular way to communicate online. The Semantic Web will do the same thing, but it won’t be as noticeable because the interface won’t change from a “Mail List” viewer app to a browser, the browser has become and will remain the primary interface used to interact, it just might be used on your phone, watch, the wall (TV, projector), a workstation, public kiosk, etc…

  3. bobdc says:

    He should look into the DBpedia work.

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