Joell Ortiz & !llmind Continue Their Fight For New York Hip Hop

Joell Ortiz & !llmind Continue Their Fight For New York Hip Hop
Of course, there are some records on there that reflect different emotions because nobody is walking around all damn jolly all day. So you'll get anger, and you'll get aggression. All in all, you'll get imperfection and we're OK … And I realized that …
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Building intelligent machines
The brain is the most incredible organ in the human body. It dictates the way we perceive every sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. It enables us to store memories, experience emotions, and even dream. Without it, we would be primitive organisms, …
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Why one lesson of Pixar's 'Inside Out' will touch adults so much more deeply
As people get older, their emotions get more complex. Joyful memories of childhood become tinged with loss and nostalgia. The recognition that life is short and goes by fast introduces a sorrowful note into even our happiest moments, as we remember …
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