Legend 2015 Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review – Tom Hardy : Beyond The Trailer

Legend debuts its official teaser trailer for 2015 starring Tom Hardy as the Kray twins! Watch it today with a trailer review! http://bit.ly/subscribeBTT Legend debuts its official teaser…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Legend 2015 Official Teaser Trailer + Trailer Review – Tom Hardy : Beyond The Trailer

  1. crazyreader21 says:

    So excited for this movie, it looks great. Thanks for all of your hard work on this channel grace. I’m home sick today and your btt content is making me feel better!:)

  2. Beyond The Trailer says:
  3. Juan Nunez says:

    4 videos in one day! Awesome work Grace. Greatly appreciated. This looks pretty great. I see some awards in Tom Hardy’s future from this.

  4. Enrique Medina says:

    Who here thinks the macho twin will be the straight one? If it is then too cliché… But let´s wait.

  5. tio borracho says:

    I saw this movie TWENTY years ago when the twins from Spandau Ballet did it. LOL

  6. Nick Davis says:

    Tom Hardy is just the beez kneez. You should check him out in the second season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix with Cillian Murphy. Great show and he’s great in it.

  7. sanyrub says:

    Wow great trailer and very interesting story. Especially when you mentioned one of the twins (one of the Tom Hardy´s lol) will be gay.

  8. ridimwave says:

    yeah the gay part killed it for me, dvd for this

  9. Angel majorjoy says:

    Tom Hardy has never floundered about anything. He’s always been an A+ actor. and the projects that he has selected have all contributed to his stardom. 

  10. Josh Bryan says:

    Looks promising, though Tom Hardy’s track record isn’t appealing…I still have faith in him. I am also interested in seeing Taron Egerton character take shape 😉 AHAHAHAHAH!

  11. Benjamin Newell says:

    explain how tom hardy has been “floundering” edit: i wrote that before you said ” this is what could get his career back on track”… wow

  12. Kevin Sheppard says:

    Hot damn! Watched the trailer twice, going for a third time :-D

  13. Jay Paul says:

    this looks awesome. The Kray Twins are part of post-war British legend, they are the archetypal ‘Cockney gangsters’, their rise coincided with the whole 1960’s glamour of swinging London, and Tom Hardy looks brilliant in this. Tom is developing into an incredible actor, all his choices are brilliant. I’d have Tom as the next James Bond.

  14. Tebigong101 says:

    I remember these twins from an episode of the British series Whitechapel, it was quite good and painted quite the legend of these twins and stuff in this trailer actually has me intrigued. Not least of which is Taron Edgerton. It gives you a feel for the period and that this is a rise of a crime empire type of movie, now what I can’t tell is if the trailer makes the twins interesting or not. Like I said before, I know about them from Whitechapel and there I learned the brothers were quite the characters but you can tell that from the trailer, do you need to know that to be intrigued?

  15. kellenabner says:

    Will you be reacting to the Irrational Man trailer?

  16. Lancaster Dodd says:

    Locke was one of the best films of last year and many thought Tom Hardy was worthy of an Oscar nom my self included. So why does he need to get his career back on track? oh his films don’t make money. does Tom hardy need his films to make money?

  17. Themadbomber187 says:

    Tom Hardy is doing some really good movies. The Kray’s are very influential gangsters in the UK. I really want to see this.

  18. Ray Bolger says:

    Oooh I was in the blind beggar pub 2 weeks ago…always found the krays interesting. Though I think Ronnie was bisexual not strickly gay.

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