Lexis Nexis employees eligible for trade assistance

Lexis Nexis employees eligible for trade assistance
Former employees of Lexis Nexis in Miamisburg are eligible to apply for trade adjustment assistance through the U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio announced today. The Department of Labor extended eligibility to Lexis Nexis …
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This guy? Meet the frequently wrong doctor House Republicans are relying on
In the “history lesson” that House Republican leaders gave to their members on Tuesday, they handed out a resource guide that they could refer to in the coming weeks to bolster their position to oppose Medicaid expansion. Included in the packet was an …
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Buena Vista University announces 2015 Commencement speaker, Laura Horn
Horn graduated with honors from Buena Vista College in 1973 with a major in English and began her career at LEXIS-NEXIS when it was a young company. She worked at LEXIS-NEXIS for nearly 20 years, holding positions in sales and training, customer …
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