LSD Makes The Brain More Complete: Scientists

LSD Makes The Brain More Complete: Scientists
Based on the brain scans, researchers found that people high on LSD experience several images coming from many parts of the part. Normally, images are drawn from the brain's visual cortex, the part that processes visual information. During a 'trip …
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Smart people are happier spending less time with friends
"The effect of population density on life satisfaction was therefore more than twice as large for low-IQ individuals than for high-IQ individuals," they wrote. And "more intelligent individuals were actually less satisfied with life if they socialized …
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Is Your State One of the 23 Where Pre-K Costs More Than College?
The benefits of early childhood education are clearly valuable; studies show higher intelligence, better school enrollment, behavior, health, and pretty much everything that we value in society. The U.S. also lags considerably in providing access …
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