Lust and the Turing test

Lust and the Turing test
By and large, we watch movies to be entertained, not to be provoked into deep thought. Occasionally, a film does both. This year's Ex Machina is one such gem. It prompted me to reflect upon the evolution of the idea of machine sentience over the past …
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Child's Play
Everyone knows the Turing test. But almost no one remembers Alan Turing's statement that to achieve true intelligence, you should design a machine that was like a child. He said the real secret to human intelligence is our ability to learn. Thirty …
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David Bowie, Elvis and “Blade Runner”: A fan theory to end all fan theories
January 8, 2016, was the “inception” date for Roy Batty, the head replicant in Ridley Scott's cult film, “Blade Runner.” January 8 is also the birthday of the Man Who Fell to Earth, David Bowie, who shared that birthday with the King of Rock and Roll …
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