MADE in the Niger Delta

MADE in the Niger Delta
… practice; provision of incentives in access to finance and appropriate affordable technology; building partnerships; aligning poor farmers with richer ones via voluntary clustering to share links to downstream markets; create synergies between …

IBM makes cluster compute engine Apache Spark core to its cloud
Spark was started in 2009 as a UC Berkeley research project to create a clustering computing framework addressing target workloads poorly served by Hadoop. It went open source in 2010 and last year had more than 450 contributors. Its creators went on …
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Technical Preview 3 von Windows Server 2016
Nano Server sei eine Minimalversion von Windows Server mit etwa einem Zwanzigstel der Größe des Windows Server Core und nur denjenigen Komponenten, die absolut notwendig seien, etwa Hyper-V, Clustering, Networking, Storage, .NET und Common Language …
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