Maidenhead 2015

Maidenhead 2015
Event on 2015-01-21 12:00:00

The Athena Network, premier network for business women who are passionate about unleashing their true potential and taking themselves and their business to the next level and beyond. With a strong focus on training & development, Athena encourages all women to show up in the world as the person they were born to be. The warm community supports women through their challenges and the strategic connections deliver over 85% of the total business for many of the members. Life-long friendships are formed with members motivating each other to push the boundaries and achieve phenomenal success.


Athena Maidenhead Group meet 3rd Wednesday of every month, 12 noon to 2pm


Click here for a a list of current members for this group

Please check the professions to make sure you don't clash with any existing member before booking.


We are confident that you will find how easily Athena will help you to promote your business as have many of our members. 


The format of the day is open networking from 12-12.30 then introduction to Athena, passing of business cards, short talk on business networking, 60second introductions from everyone, lovely lunch, business speaker, ‘Let’s Talk Business’ – chance for anyone to recommend a fellow networker they have used or ask for a meeting with someone they have met at the lunch – (not compulsory) – then final short talk and open networking over coffee.


All the ladies are very warm and friendly and will make you feel very welcome from the minute you walk through the door.


If you have them – please bring around 25-30  business cards and any flyers you would like to distribute as we pass these round at the start of the meeting.


You will also have a chance to introduce yourself, tell us a little about what you do, and ask for any help you may need with getting in touch with key contacts. Have a think about who could help you grow your business – it might be someone to help with PR or Marketing or Business Planning, or you might be looking for clients in the corporate sector or people to help at a charity event.


Whatever you are looking for – there will be someone in the room who can either help you or refer you to someone who can.


If you are just coming along for the support, training and advice that Athena offers – that is absolutely fine – I have several members that have joined for those reasons


Please don’t be daunted by this – it is just a way of matching the cards with a face so we can know who we would like to talk to afterwards.


It is not a test of your presenting abilities – it is very informal and there will be many ladies there who have not networked before.


Dress Code:- whatever you feel confident in. For some that will be a business suit, for our fitness trainers it may be a tracksuit and for ladies working from home  – it is often a chance to dress up a little and enjoy a lovely lunch at a great venue with like-minded ladies.


Some of our visitors have been asking about the benefits of joining Athena – so here are just some of the reasons that ladies are joining us at an incredible rate:-


  1. Networking is widely recognised as the most powerful, most effective and fastest way to grow your business
  2. Athena is the UK’s premier and fastest growing network for business women.
  3. Athena operates a ‘one discipline only’ policy, so by joining, you ‘lock out’ the competition and all business for your particular field is referred to you.
  4. Groups are filling fast and many ladies are ‘locked out’ and on waiting lists because their professional slot has been filled by a competitor.
  5. Many of our members are experiencing fantastic business growth through contacts made through Athena.
  6. Many great relationships begin within Athena and often lead to very successful strategic alliances and firm friendships.
  7. Fellow members are always happy to offer support and advice and share their knowledge and experience with the group.
  8. We develop our members business and personal skills through our monthly speakers and a wide range of training courses and workshops.
  9. Ladies go away from meetings feeling inspired and motivated to take themselves and their business to the next level.
  10. Once you join a group you can visit any other Athena group where your profession is not represented by a member – so you have accessto a vast network of business ladies.
  11. You have FREE membership of ‘Athena Connect’ – our new social networking site – where you can post your profile, promote your business, advertise your events and special offers, connect with hundreds of members, post your blogand really raise your profile!


We also run Regional Social Networking events to enable you to develop those relationships further and network with ladies from other Athena groups.  – These have proved to be hugely successful with many great contacts being made.



at Taplow House
Berry Hill
Taplow, United Kingdom

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