Makery Summer STEAM Program (July Edition)

Makery Summer STEAM Program (July Edition)
Event on 2015-07-20 10:00:00
Experience our STEAM* tasting menu for hungry brains through Coding, Design-Thinking, 3D Printing, Inventing DIY Bots, and Fabricating Creative Machines during our week long summer program.  We’re creating a special set of daily fun maker adventures.  Every day from 10AM to 3:30PM, The Makery will be offering a different creative project workshop.  Come in for a single day, or join us for the full week. For Ages 10-15.   Please Bring Your Own Laptop Monday: CODING – Explore the possibilities in creative programming.  We kickoff with a physical activity to explore and embody key programming ideas.  We will then dive into Scratch.  While encountering beginner coding frameworks, we will ask questions about how to design digital games by understanding systems and pushing your own artistic voice.  The second half will dive into the basics of HTML and CSS while making custom web pages to showcase the digital games each young maker developed for family and friends to play test from home. Tuesday: PROGRAMMING PHYSICAL OBJECTS –  Discover the animating world of sensors, motors, and microcontrollers with LEGO Wedo.   The first half focuses on engineering simple robots.  The second half challenges everyone to combine bots into a larger Rube Goldberg Machine. Wednesday: INVENTION & DESIGN-THINKING – Constructively question the world around you.  Your chair, phone, pencil… every thing is how someone chose to design it.  How would you design things differently?  The first half will challenge you to engineer new forms for music instruments using the Makey Makey, sound recording software, and various provided materials.  The second half will challenge you to prototype a Go-Go-Gadget glove (or other bionic armor) using basic electronic parts.   Thursday: 3D MODELING & PRINTING –  How would you design your own custom Monopoly game piece? toy figurine? scenery?  The first part will jump into 3D modeling software by creating dice for a DIY board game.  The second part will challenge you to design and 3D print your own game character for a board game.  By the end, we’ll try everyone’s game pieces out on a unique board game at The Makery.  Want a custom game character?  Just design and print one.  Take what you make home with you.    Friday: DIY Electronics –  How can you playfully power up and engineer devices?  How might we imagine a “smart” object?  We’ll introduce the craft of paper circuits and how to construct simple switches to add interactivity to sculptures and storytelling.  We will collaboratively construct a “sensing” table that responds to or energizes your smart object.   The second half will be a soldering challenge.  We will solder together a functioning electronic Simon Says Game with cushy buttons.  Explore and play with new materials and tools at our makerspace.  Take home what you make. *STEAM = science, technology, engineering, art & math

at The Makery’s Speakeasy
1 Jay Street
New York, United States

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