Making money from file-sharing

Making money from file-sharing
"The reality is, if an ad is relevant, you will watch it,"said Thom Kozik, president of the U.S. division of Wazap, a search engine for video games. Thattranslates into higher rates paid by advertisers. The ability to customize ads by time and place is …
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Level-5 Delays Little Battlers eXperience Strategy Game
The scores I saw were in a website called wazap, not sure on how representative they are. Famitsu scores are good though. Will Jay. W got low scored because the game was plagued with bugs at launch, half-assed the dungeons, didn't have as much …
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Le Japon est magique, la preuve en images !
Le Japon est un pays à part, tant en termes de coutumes que de gastronomie ou de sexualité. Aujourd'hui, nous vous proposons une série de photos complètement insolites en provenance directe du pays du Soleil Levant. Les clichés proviennent du site …

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